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How do you thank someone for inspiring your career? With a personalized magic trick, and a ridiculous giant balloon, of course! Truly an honour to perform magic for WEIRD AL YANKOVIC!

The popular prince of parody perked up profusely at a personalized performance- his recent guest star appearance in a MAD Magazine magically morphing into money before his eyes! (AL’s reaction: “WOW! Very nice!!”)

After giving AL a giant balloon caricature of himself, he was asked if he’d ever gotten such a gift before. AL quickly quipped: “That’s the first one tonight!”

AL’s nearly two hour show had more energy, goofiness and fun than a monkey full of barrels. You’ll be pleased to know he played *everything*, and he’s still got it. Lost count of all his costume changes!!

AL even used the giant balloon *IN* his show! It appeared during AL’s cool entrance video for ‘Tacky’…the balloon sat in a chair “watching” AL as he sang live backstage, walking towards the main concert room, in which the audience could see AL and the balloon on a giant video screen.

What a concert! Better than Woodstock!! Thanks for reading, and wish you were there too, friends.