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Looking for a Magician in Atlantic Canada?

Looking for a magician in Atlantic Canada? From Halifax and Dartmouth, to Truro and New Glasgow, from Moncton to Miramichi...throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfoundland, The Amazing Mister J brings the magic to YOU! Imagine YOUR event as that special memorable party everyone loves, remembers, and thanks you for all year! Now, you can relax- let Atlantic Canada's party professional handle all the entertaining for you! Easy!

- All ages, all occasions! - (Corporate shows, birthday parties, festivals, malls, camps, staff parties, weddings...customized special for you!)
- Fun guaranteed! - (A live bunny, live dove and lively audience participation! Colourful magic and family friendly comedy for any size group!)
- Over 15 years experience! - (A new show every time, with sound system, magic table and props all provided for you. Easy!)
- Limited Availability! - With over 350 shows each year, Mr. J's calendar fills fast. Call 902-895-3612 or e-mail - RIGHT NOW!

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Posted on Mar 6, 2015 in News

Balloons, magic and music with a true Canadian classic rock treasure…TOM COCHRANE! After a stellar concert, I had the great pleasure to perform some magic backstage for Mr. ‘Big League’ himself. Laughing at his balloon guitar (as he kept describing it as something obscene!), he loved the card tricks, adding: “You’ve gotta teach me that! Every time my friend Bobby Orr invites me over, he always asks me to play ‘Big League’. Maybe I could show him your trick instead?” So great when your musical idols turn out to be really cool…Tom was very warm, with a great sense of humour. The night was made complete by enjoying the concert along with John Paul Tremblay, aka Julian, from the Trailer Park...

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Magic Night in Canada! (Mr. J *on stage* with Ron MacLean and Don Cherry!)

Posted on Feb 12, 2015 in News

Hockey Day in Canada hits Halifax! Hockey stars, Olympians, Premiers…even the President of Rogers was there. What better way to celebrate, than with…magic and balloons? (!) After table hopping to entertain NHL alumni like Doug Gilmour and Lanny MacDonald, Don Cherry himself invited me onstage! Grapes loved the balloon caricature of his famous ‘Coaches Corner’ set, loudly and proudly exclaiming: “I gotta show it! Dis is what dis guy thinks of us, right here!” Always quick on his feet, Ron MacLean then got overwhelming laughter from the capacity crowd, by looking at the balloons, and adding: “Yeah, it’s like your ego, Don…slightly inflated!” (Check out the video!) Though the headlining hosts were in a huge hurry after their speech, luckily Don Cherry himself waved me back stage for some personal photo ops. (Thinking we have similar taste in suits??)...

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Posted on Jan 31, 2015 in News

Not only is the multi-talented, ECMA and Juno winning JOEL PLASKETT a first class Canadian musician, it seems he’s a magic fan as well! “That’s quite amazing, actually!” exclaimed the friendly front man, after seeing some up close magic, and accepting a complimentary balloon guitar for his kids. Considering Joel opened for Sir Paul McCartney in Halifax, what’s truly amazing is how down to earth he is. As a fan, this was a magical...

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Mr. J meets The Muppets!

Posted on Aug 4, 2014 in News

Very special thanks to former Jim Henson Muppeteer, Fraggle Rock star and dear friend, the inestimable Mr. Terry Angus, for allowing me to meet (and occasionally perform for!) his wonderful creations over the years. Through your incredible talent and gifts, the spirit of Jim Henson will live forever!...

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Canada Day Magic in Newfoundland!

Posted on Jul 1, 2014 in News

Such a pleasure to perform on Canada Day for the wonderful folks of La Scie, Newfoundland- a small harbour community on the northeastern coast…(“where no magician has gone before!”) On a rocky hilltop, overlooking *icebergs* in the ocean (!), a large enthusiastic crowd showed why Newfoundlanders are among the very best people in the entire world. So much fun, so much heart, so much laughter…can’t wait to perform here...

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Magic for Royalty! Mr. J meets Prince Charles & Camilla

Posted on May 19, 2014 in News

A lucky Royal encounter! Upon seeing the splash of balloon colour in the busy crowd, The Future King of England waved, pointed and laughed heartily during his recent Royal Visit to Pictou, NS. “Oh look, someone’s made balloons!” professed the pleasant Prince, pleased with the balloons made in his honour. There was a very jovial feeling about the heir to the throne, who stopped to chat with many along the route…really fun to see in person. Moments later, his wife Camilla approached, remarking that the balloon flowers were very nice. The delighted Duchess and I briefly exchanged pleasantries, after which I (in the excitement) committed the ultimate royal faux-pas, by quickly replying: “Thank you, SIR!” to Camilla (!) Immediately correcting my massive mistake, I stuttered: “I mean…Your Highness!” With Her Ladyship blatantly hearing my original, unintentional slip of the...

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