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School/Library Shows

“The Magic of Reading” is an award-winning educational show for schools and libraries!youtubevideos

“The Magic of Reading” is a high-energy, interactive, feel-good magic show with an important educational message: “Reading is magic” and “Readers are leaders”.

With the popularity of ‘Harry Potter’, magic and literacy already share a natural marriage in students’ minds. You can easily use “The Magic of Reading” to promote literacy and a magical sharing experience at your school or library.

Each Show Features:

  • FREE book prizes for your group from Scholastic Books, and school appropriate comic books from Strange Adventures, Halifax. Girls and boys love to read books they’ve won in the show!
  • An hour of high-energy magic, fun, audience participation and the positive promotion of literacy.
  • Helpful literacy information for your schools and teachers, plus reading tips for students to take home to their parents.
  • Adaptable to classrooms, libraries and school gyms for any audience size or age you need.
  • Extra bonus magic prizes for everyone.

Mister J’s “Magic of Reading” is presented in partnership with the RCMP and the Adopt-A-Library Program. Adopt-A-Library is a wonderful, proven, effective incentive program which encourages and challenges your kids to read! Great for your school!

Please visit for more information! Contact person: Constable John Kennedy

“Outstanding show, Mr. J…very high energy, great audience interaction and a true celebration of reading…
exactly what we were looking for for our National Literacy Day event. Thank you very much!”
– Matt Taylor, Director, Colchester Adult Learning Association (CALA) (January 2013)