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Magic with the real-life DR. PATCH ADAMS! (from the Robin Williams movie)

Friends, the real-life DR. PATCH ADAMS is the real deal…a truly passionate visionary, longtime hospital entertainer and inspiring social activist. He sports blue hair and colourful clothes 24/7 (certainly raising eyebrows at the airport!) He lives in a vibrant commune, with his hospital offering free medical help to anyone. Patch also travels the world, clowning in war hospitals and for starving children. He doesn’t own a computer, mobile device or even a watch(!) At 68, he still answers all his own mail with hand written responses, averaging 400 letters per month(!) A super-extrovert and extreme optimist, he believes that choosing happiness is the greatest revolution you can create. He advocates for joy, fellowship, peace and justice wherever he goes. Yours truly was in awe, and I was lucky enough to share a wonderful long chat with him. When mentioning my rabbit was named ‘Patches’ and that I was going to re-name my dove “Adams” after tonight, he instead suggested naming the dove “Peace” and the rabbit “Justice”, so (like him) I could spread ‘peace’ and ‘justice’ during my magic shows. Just as Patch said this, he touched the dove (which was on my finger). Suddenly, as if ‘christened’ by him, she instantly flew onto his head! It was if she magically accepted her new name. Completely unfazed, Patch smiled and hilarioiusly continued to talk with me (wearing the dove like a hat) for another 10 minutes! If you ever get the chance to meet him, you’d be most inspired for the experience. By the way, his book will change your life…as it did mine. Thank you from The Amazing Mr. J, to The Even-More-Amazing Dr. Patch Adams!