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A #1 bestselling book for The Amazing Mr. J, and Kevin O’Leary from Dragons’ Den!

It’s been going up steadily for weeks, and just finally hit #1! Kevin O’Leary’s latest book ‘Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids & Money’ (featuring The Amazing Mr. J’s story on pages 123-133), finally climbs its way to the top! Honoured to now be a contributing author to a major #1 national bestseller! (Especially since Kevin’s book came in ahead of big, popular books by Chris Hadfield, Olivia Chow, Rob Ford, Bobby Orr and even Nelson Mandella!)

Facing the Dragons on Dragons Den last year was the experience of a lifetime, and I’m very grateful to Kevin for making this deal to publish my story. You can even read Kevin’s personal impression of me in his new book, where he states: “My kids loved the story, and wondered if Mr. J could do every chapter!”

Keep watching your local bookshelves…there’s some more major publishing projects coming soon!

People often ask what the Dragons are really like, especially Kevin, with whom I made this deal. Despite his sometimes controversial TV persona, my personal dealings with Kevin have always been extremely pleasant, and a lot of fun. Though his love of money is very real, he’s very witty, gregarious and generous…even taking the time from his busy schedule to e-mail me personally with thanks, and wishes for a Happy New Year. Kevin knows he’s in show business, so I think that’s why we understood each other. Will always treasure his response when I first performed magic for him, making a handful of $5 bills transform into a larger pile of $20s before his eyes:

“Not bad, Mr. J, not bad! I should hire you as my portfolio manager!”

Thanks, Kevin!