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“Ayyyyyy!” Mr. J performs for THE FONZ!

Happy Days hero HENRY WINKLER hits Halifax! And The Amazing Mr. J was lucky enough to have some fun with the former Fonz, performing magic and presenting him a
balloon tribute! “Ayyyyyyy!”

Mr. Winkler’s witty, emotional and heartfelt speech centred on learning disabled children, with a focus on dyslexia (which Henry himself has lived through). A very passionate, funny and inspiring speaker, he even kept his new ‘Fonz’ balloon on stage with him the entire time!

Quick story: His bestselling children’s book series, Hank Zipzer, chronicles the hilarious adventures of a boy with dyslexia (obviously mirroring Henry’s own life). When the series became a popular worldwide hit, an American network offered him money for the cartoon rights, though they insisted on one (major) alteration…that title character Hank Zipzer *NOT* be dyslexic (!) Obviously, this would mean compromising the entire purpose of Winkler’s work! Without hesitation, Henry Winkler said he politely declined the lucrative offer, and then hung up the phone.

BRAVO to this man for sticking to his guns!

And as it turned out, the cartoon was made instead in Europe, with dyslexia fully discussed in the show…and it became a huge hit there!

Feeling inspired, we shared a really fun exchange in person afterwards. He kindly autographed one of my first childhood comics, 1978’s Happy Days #1 (from the legendary collection of my cousin Kenny Dolomont).

Finally, The King of Cool himself personalized my Happy Days vinyl record, writing: “You are cool Dave” (!!) Very grateful.

Seriously, is there a greater possible compliment on this Earth, then when THE FONZ himself calls you COOL??