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Magic for Royalty! Mr. J meets Prince Charles & Camilla

A lucky Royal encounter! Upon seeing the splash of balloon colour in the busy crowd, The Future King of England waved, pointed and laughed heartily during his recent Royal Visit to Pictou, NS. “Oh look, someone’s made balloons!” professed the pleasant Prince, pleased with the balloons made in his honour.

There was a very jovial feeling about the heir to the throne, who stopped to chat with many along the route…really fun to see in person.

Moments later, his wife Camilla approached, remarking that the balloon flowers were very nice. The delighted Duchess and I briefly exchanged pleasantries, after which I (in the excitement) committed the ultimate royal faux-pas, by quickly replying: “Thank you, SIR!” to Camilla (!)

Immediately correcting my massive mistake, I stuttered: “I mean…Your Highness!” With Her Ladyship blatantly hearing my original, unintentional slip of the tongue, she showed class by simply waving and smiling before moving on. Hopefully she’ll forgive my Royal blunder!