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Magic Night in Canada! (Mr. J *on stage* with Ron MacLean and Don Cherry!)

Hockey Day in Canada hits Halifax! Hockey stars, Olympians, Premiers…even the President of Rogers was there. What better way to celebrate, than with…magic and balloons? (!)

After table hopping to entertain NHL alumni like Doug Gilmour and Lanny MacDonald, Don Cherry himself invited me onstage!

Grapes loved the balloon caricature of his famous ‘Coaches Corner’ set, loudly and proudly exclaiming: “I gotta show it! Dis is what dis guy thinks of us, right here!”

Always quick on his feet, Ron MacLean then got overwhelming laughter from the capacity crowd, by looking at the balloons, and adding: “Yeah, it’s like your ego, Don…slightly inflated!” (Check out the video!)

Though the headlining hosts were in a huge hurry after their speech, luckily Don Cherry himself waved me back stage for some personal photo ops. (Thinking we have similar taste in suits??)

Both he and Ron were class acts…honoured to be a part of this special day!