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More Magic in Newfoundland…with SHAUN MAJUMDER!

Always a treat and a cheer to perform on The Rock! This year was extra special, as The Amazing Mr. J also got to perform some magic for Gemini-winning actor/comedian Shaun Majumder! While at his private mansion-in-the-making (Majumder Manor!), the ever-gracious TV star showed me some stunning scenery, and also why he is the pride of Burlington. Truly a first class ambassador for Newfoundland!

Lesson learned: it’s difficult to perform magic when you yourself are laughing hysterically! Majumder’s natural hilarious manner meant trying very hard to concentrate when holding magic items. Fortunately, his reaction to a money-appearing trick was equally enthusiastic: “WHAT!!” screamed Shaun incredulously (and hilariously). “Hey, I like that! Now can you do something about my ceiling?” (Check out the video!)

Following some other shows in King’s Point and La Scie (along with some impromptu house shows and kitchen parties for grown-ups), the full charm of Newfoundland’s people won my heart once again. Many thanks to Beverly Shea, and Sharon Pilgrim Sanford, for inviting The Amazing Mr. J once more, and for making this tour happen.

The scenery, the simple pleasures, and the smiling faces…you folks are the absolute best. Newfoundlanders are truly magic.