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About Mr. J

The New York Times recently asked “Mr. J” David Johnston to answer these top 5 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

NYT: “What do you think of David Copperfield, David Blaine, and Toronto’s Conjuror David Ben?”
Mr.J: “Three of the greats… gotta love ’em! Especially their cool first names…”

NYT: “Why don’t you use your magic at the casino?”
Mr.J: “If I don’t win, people say I’m a lousy magician; if I do win, they say I cheated.”

NYT: “Still, why don’t you just make money appear out of thin air?”
Mr.J: “Ever hear the expression you need to have money to make money? I walk into the bank all the time, (you can do this too), with cash in hand, and say the magic words: RRSP!”

NYT: “What are your goals in magic?”
Mr.J: “Not to sound too sappy, but… To save the world one laugh at a time, to see a child or adult light up and smile, to remind you of your own inner magic, and of the mystery of life surrounding us. Seeing is believing, but just believing is magic.”

NYT: “Er, nice. Thanks for the ‘Oprah Moment’. By the way, do you think anyone will believe we are really from the New York Times?”
Mr.J: “Um, believing is magic?”

Born and based in Halifax, The Amazing Mr. J travels across Canada, performing magic and comedy shows for kids, adults, corporate groups and even celebrities. Whilst taking circus training and attending theatre school, Mr. J called Toronto home for a few years too. By day, Mr. J is a Magician, Landlord, Writer, and Bon Vivant. By night, he is also those things. That’s because he’s that good kind of workaholic: a goal-setting, practical dreamer. Mr. J speaks French, and loves nature, the outdoors, green living, exercising, hiking, poetry, film, the arts, CBC Radio, singing, skydiving, new ideas, traveling, board games, magic (of course), plus virtually all music and literature. Geeky confession: Mr. J built a giant ‘drive-in style’ theatre in his forest behind the house, and collects vintage arcade machines (for retro parties!)

Mr. J loves children, and is writing an original children’s book, which will hopefully become a series. A couple books for adults are also in the works. (Keep watching your local bookstore!) You can read Mr. J’s first published story inside Dragons’ Den/Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary’s newest #1 international bestseller (pages 123-133) “Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids & Money”. (Thanks for publishing Mr. J, Mr. Wonderful!)

Mr. J is cosmopolitan and urbane, and (let’s face it), rather silly too.

How it all began: When Mr. J’s wonderful MOM & DAD bought him a magic kit for his 5th birthday, he became hooked, performing his first ‘shows’ right out of the box. A few years later, those same perfect parents hired some magicians to perform at his house, forever sparking little Mr. J’s imagination. From then on, he hoped someday to give this same joy and excitement to others.

By the way, Mr. J never goes around talking about himself in the third person like this. That’s just an understood pretense when writing this kind of stuff. So, “I” would like to personally thank all my magic mentors, inspirations and friends: Mom and Dad, my magic mentor: The Immortal Mike Robinson, Drew and Angela (of DV8 Reality Magic), Fraggle Rock Muppeteer Terry Angus, Leno and Letterman star Ian Stewart, Strange Adventures owner Calum Johnston, plus fellow magicians John Talbot, Al Bernard, The Amazing Kreskin, Jay Sankey and many others. Thanks for the imagination to Jim Henson, Charles Schulz, Stan Lee, Dr. Seuss, Owen McCarron, William Gaines, Michael Landon, and of course, Canada’s own Mr. Dressup!

The biggest thanks goes to YOU- for visiting this site, and for helping me to live the dream as a magician/entertainer. It has been a sincere pleasure, and honour, to perform for you for over 15 years, for over 3000 shows, and to share so many fun-filled times with new friends of all ages. Naturally, your thoughts and comments are always greatly appreciated. YOU are helping keep the magic alive!

Would love to hear from you! Feel free to send your questions, heckles, marriage proposals, or really good jokes to: