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New, different shows every time! Mr. J does all the set-up for you: sound system, magic table, and all props are provided for you. Easy!

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Looking for a magician? Based in Halifax, The Amazing Mr. J – Magician/Entertainer will travel to YOU! In Halifax, Dartmouth, Truro, or New Glasgow, from Moncton to Miramichi… throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfoundland, The Amazing Mr. J will customize a special show just for you! The Amazing Mr. J has also performed all across Canada, including Whitehorse, Yukon! Imagine YOUR child’s Birthday Party, School Show, Wedding, Family House Party, Mall/Store Promotion, or Exhibition as the special event everyone loves, remembers, and thanks you for all year! Now, you can relax – let ‘Canada’s Party Professional’ handle all the entertaining for you! Easy! Anywhere you need some entertainment, ‘Make it Magic’… with The Amazing Mr. J! (Limited availability – Book early!)

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Ever have a truly amazing experience...unexpectedly?? Had a rare Saturday evening free, until I suddenly received an almost literal LAST MINUTE perform for an apartment full of University Grads! (Mr. J's Magic Show was to be a 25th birthday surprise!). The hour long scheduled show then extended waaaaaay into the night's wee hours (If you live in Halifax, YOU MAY HAVE HEARD US!) as the gregarious Grads kept wanting to see MORE! It was a pleasure, as I had the honour to meet dozens of our best and brightest young women and men: Environmental science students, a journalist, a neurosurgeon, accountants, animal advocates, and activists abounding...our future is in AMAZING hands, folks! So much loud laughter, fun-loving folks, and youthful ENERGY in that place! A joyful experience, that magically appeared at the last minute. (With audiences this cool, celebrating magic together, who needs a night off?) "I am a great admirer of mystery and magic. Look at this life- all mystery and magic." -Harry Houdini ... See MoreSee Less

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MORE female Magicians! YES!! If you personally have a daughter who loves magic, there's no better time to encourage her passion! Y'know, throughout history, there have ALWAYS been very talented ladies performing magic (Adelaide Herrmann, Talma, among others...currently I'm a big fan of Montréal's Ekaterina, and my Vegas friend Angela), though it's so exciting to see this current resurgence! Far from their magic being a novelty act, lovely assistant role, or something for which to be burned at the stake (!), these ladies rock! You gotta love the passionate motto expressed in this article: "Be so good, they can't ignore you!" (Truly wise words for magic, and for your life!) :)

Meet the women making sexism vanish from the magic industry
It’s been more than 25 years since the Magic Circle, based in London, opened its doors to women. Today, fewer than 100 of the Magic Circle’s 1,500 members are female.
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**THANK YOU!** Yes, thank YOU, personally!! For your kind words, online and in person, and for making the March Break Magic Marathon such a success! THOUSANDS of you came out (12 shows throughout the Maritimes last week!) to Mr. J's public events and birthday shows! Plus! EVERYONE you see in these people-packed pics received a FREE copy of GRANDWAY COMICS new 'Amazing Mr. J Magic Comic #1!' (Hope it encourages a love of the MAGIC of READING in YOUR kids! FREE copies still available at all Strange Adventures Comic Bookshop locations, and at all future 'Amazing Mr. J Magic Birthday Shows'). A small GIFT to YOU, Magic Friends, as this week marks 20 YEARS of yours truly as a magician/entertainer! THANK YOU for helping me live the dream, 'Nationwide Since 1999!' All March Break, we saluted Stan Lee, and Halifax cartoonist Owen McCarron with the FREE comic, (also dedicated to MOM & DAD, who bought me my first magic kit!) And now, I'm SALUTING YOU!! With your support, there will be much MORE to come in the next twenty years! So here's a tip of Mr. J's Magic Hat to YOU, and remember: "Life's a Party! Make it MAGIC!" :) ... See MoreSee Less

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The Amazing Mr. J - Magician & Entertainer

'Snapd Dartmouth' posted about our Woodlawn Library Magic of Reading show! Super fun time (the auditorium was filled to capacity!), with FREE Mr. J Grandway Comics given to all! if you were one of the ones sadly turned away (the tickets for this event sold out in three minutes!), you can still get Amazing Mr. J's magic Grandway Comic FREE (!) at all Mr. J's future magic birthday shows! We also saluted Nova Scotian cartoonist Owen McCarron, and Stan Lee. Keep reading books, and following your dreams, friends...remember, "Readers are leaders!" :)The amazing David Jolly (Mr. J as he's more widely known) visited Woodlawn Public Library today and wowed his adoring audience for an entire hour with his magic tricks, his wonderful engagement with the kids, and his witty humour! Some other things that accompanied his act were live animals, balloon shapes for the kids to take home, and last but not least, he was also accompanied by Derek Jessome & Jeff Knot from Grandway Comics who were there to showcase their new comic "Grand Adventures" written and created by them! Every kid who came to the magic show left with a free copy of "Grand Adventures" and they also left with great magical memories provided by Mr. J! ... See MoreSee Less

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How do YOU like your PIZZA? How about with some MAGIC?? The Amazing Mr. J performs magic for all-ages LIVE at the Lower Sackville BOSTON PIZZA, Friday March 22nd, 12:00pm noon to 1:00pm! (Arrive early to get a table!) Live entertainment for your soul, and tasty food for your belly! A magic combo just for YOU!! ... See MoreSee Less

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