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Looking for a Magician in Atlantic Canada?

Looking for a magician in Atlantic Canada? From Halifax and Dartmouth, to Truro and New Glasgow, from Moncton to Miramichi...throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfoundland, The Amazing Mister J brings the magic to YOU! Imagine YOUR event as that special memorable party everyone loves, remembers, and thanks you for all year! Now, you can relax- let Atlantic Canada's party professional handle all the entertaining for you! Easy!

- All ages, all occasions! - (Corporate shows, birthday parties, festivals, malls, camps, staff parties, weddings...customized special for you!)
- Fun guaranteed! - (A live bunny, live dove and lively audience participation! Colourful magic and family friendly comedy for any size group!)
- Over 15 years experience! - (A new show every time, with sound system, magic table and props all provided for you. Easy!)
- Limited Availability! - With over 350 shows each year, Mr. J's calendar fills fast. Call 902-895-3612 or e-mail - RIGHT NOW!

Most Recent Articles

Back to the Future- Magic Party for Parkinson’s!

Posted on Oct 7, 2015 in News

Would you like your picture with the real Back to the Future DeLorean? The Amazing Mr. J will be hosting a giant fundraiser for the Parkinson Society of Canada (in honour of Michael J. Fox!) ONE NIGHT ONLY- Wednesday, October 21st 2015…the actual date they time-travel into during the 1980s movie! Yes, the real life-size DeLorean will be on-site, as well as a hoverboard, and other classic Back to the Future items! How about celebrating the 1980s, with a room full of classic 80s toys, arcade machines, music and memorabilia? Plus, you’ll meet Jim Henson Muppeteer Terry Angus, showing his real TV Muppets and Fraggle Rock characters! Finally, enjoy a live all-ages magic show, with The Amazing Mr. J! It’s all happening Wednesday October 21st at the Truro Centre in Truro, NS, from 5:30pm-8:00pm. Best of all, this volunteer...

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Posted on Jul 24, 2015 in News

How do you thank someone for inspiring your career? With a personalized magic trick, and a ridiculous giant balloon, of course! Truly an honour to perform magic for WEIRD AL YANKOVIC! The popular prince of parody perked up profusely at a personalized performance- his recent guest star appearance in a MAD Magazine magically morphing into money before his eyes! (AL’s reaction: “WOW! Very nice!!”) After giving AL a giant balloon caricature of himself, he was asked if he’d ever gotten such a gift before. AL quickly quipped: “That’s the first one tonight!” AL’s nearly two hour show had more energy, goofiness and fun than a monkey full of barrels. You’ll be pleased to know he played *everything*, and he’s still got it. Lost count of all his costume changes!! AL even used the giant balloon *IN* his show! It...

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Do You Believe? (Volunteer Fundraiser for Jacob Stern)

Posted on Jul 20, 2015 in News

How’d YOU like to be a hero to a 3 year old boy with cancer? Plus enjoy some live music, magic with The Amazing Mr. J, balloon art, and circus folks entertaining you? Along with my fellow volunteers, we promise you a day of super awesome fun! This Saturday July 25th (from 4:00pm-11:00pm, at Dewolf Park on the Bedford waterfront, Halifax) bring the family and let’s make little Jacob’s fundraiser a Christmas in July! Your donation will be doing real...

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More Magic in Newfoundland…with SHAUN MAJUMDER!

Posted on Jul 1, 2015 in News

Always a treat and a cheer to perform on The Rock! This year was extra special, as The Amazing Mr. J also got to perform some magic for Gemini-winning actor/comedian Shaun Majumder! While at his private mansion-in-the-making (Majumder Manor!), the ever-gracious TV star showed me some stunning scenery, and also why he is the pride of Burlington. Truly a first class ambassador for Newfoundland! Lesson learned: it’s difficult to perform magic when you yourself are laughing hysterically! Majumder’s natural hilarious manner meant trying very hard to concentrate when holding magic items. Fortunately, his reaction to a money-appearing trick was equally enthusiastic: “WHAT!!” screamed Shaun incredulously (and hilariously). “Hey, I like that! Now can you do something about my ceiling?” (Check out the video!) Following some other shows in King’s Point and La Scie (along with some impromptu house shows...

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Magic for CBC Party!

Posted on Jun 24, 2015 in News

CBC celebrated 45 years of its staple show ‘Information Morning’, and there was definitely magic in the air! The new Halifax library was filled with a capacity crowd, lots of cake, plus the familiar faces of Peter Coade, Sarah Haliburton, Frank Cameron and many more. A fun group for which to entertain! Especially jolly was beloved radio host Don Connolly, who excitedly responded to some magic tricks: “That’s slick! That was very...

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Magic for Nova Scotia Co-operative Council!

Posted on Jun 17, 2015 in News

Big thanks to Dianne Kelderman and The Nova Scotia Co-operative Council for inviting The Amazing Mr. J to perform for their 66th Annual Gala! Considering that in past years, they’ve invited the likes of CBC’s Peter Mansbridge, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, and legendary civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, this was a prestigious honour. What a great...

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