National Magazine ‘Today’s Parent’ showcases The Amazing Mr. J (October 2015):

The Amazing Mr. J performs magic for Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and the cast of Back to the Future! (November 2018):

The Amazing Mr. J performs magic for a childhood hero, the man behind Sesame Street’s Big Bird & Oscar the Grouch, who is retiring after 50 years. (Caroll Spinney’s Dad is also from New Brunswick!) He gave me an actual Big Bird feather, a gift to treasure forever. (October 2018):

Some truly funny things happen when performing magic! Here’s a ‘True Story’ by The Amazing Mr. J – David Johnston, with Comic Art by MAD Magazine’s Mike Holmes, for The Coast (September 2010):

The Amazing Mr. J – a tribute to the music, and magic, of Stan Rogers (StanFest 20th Anniversary – June 2016):

The Amazing Mr. J presents ‘Back to the Future’ Magic Party for Parkinsons! (Charity event – October 2015):

“Trenton Fun Fest” Pictou Advocate (July 2015)

“Mike Robinson and The Amazing Mr. J show, hosted by Lenore Zann” (April 2015)

“Music & Magic fundraiser for Mental Health” (April 2015)

The Amazing Mr. J presents ‘Music & Magic for Mental Health’ (Charity event – April 2015):

The Amazing Mr. J interviewed at Billy Joel concert (Québec City newspaper, front page, July 2014):

The Amazing Mr. J- CTV interview at Billy Joel concert (July 2014):   (Mr. J interviewed at 2:14)

The Amazing Mr. J meets Prince Charles & Camilla (May 2014):

The Amazing Mr. J- Houdini Séance performance atop Citadel Hill, Halifax NS (Hallowe’en 2013):

Mr. J’s Houdini Séance Articles:

The Amazing Mr. J on CBC TV’s Dragons’ Den (2013)
Halifax audition:

Mr. J on CBC TV’s Dragons’ Den Articles:
“Truro Resident on Dragons’ Den This Fall” (March 2013)
“Truro Man Auditions for Dragons’ Den” (February 2013)

Following a successful publishing deal with CBC Dragon Kevin O’Leary, you can read The Amazing Mr. J’s story in Kevin’s #1 International Bestselling Book- ‘Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids & Money’ (pgs 123-133):

The Amazing Mr. J at Atlantica Oak Island (March 2013):

“Family Literacy Day” (January 2013)

“Magic Moments front page picture- New Year’s Eve Party” (December 2012)

“Town of Truro New Year’s Eve Celebrations” (December 2012)

The Amazing Mr. J – Reveen TV commercial (November 2012):

“Magic Moment” (August 2012)
“12th Annual Community Fair” (May 2012)
“New Year’s Eve Magic” (January 2012)
“New Year’s Eve Magic Show” (December 2011)
“New Year’s Eve on the Town” (December 2011)
“Mr. J’s Library Donation” (November 2010)
“Mr. J – Live at Truro Mall” (March 2010)
“The Magic of Reading – Great Village” (November 2009)
“Halifax Library Guide” (Summer 2009)
“Wilson’s 9th Annual Community Fair” (May 2009)
“March Break Fun at Truro Mall” (March 2009)
“Truro’s New Year’s Eve Celebrations” (December 2008)
“The Magic of Reading” (Summer 2008)
“Bedford Magazine” (August 2008)
“Museum Events Magazine” (Spring 2008)
“Magic of Chocolate” (March 2008)
“Magic of Chocolate” (March 2008)
“Library Guide” (Summer 2006)
“A Little Magic Goes a Long Way” (2006) (Photo and article by Caitlin McIntyre)
“Celebrating Family Literacy Day” (2006)
“Truro Mall March Break Promo” (2005)
“Abracadabra” (2004)
The Hero’s Hero- Remembrance Day show (November 2003)
“Now That’s a Balloon” (2002)
“Teen Friends of the Library” (2000)
“Nothing Up My Sleeve” (2000)

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