National Magazine ‘Today’s Parent’ showcases The Amazing Mr. J (October 2015):

The Amazing Mr. J performs magic for Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and the cast of Back to the Future! (November 2018):

The Amazing Mr. J performs magic for a childhood hero, the man behind Sesame Street’s Big Bird & Oscar the Grouch, who is retiring after 50 years. (Caroll Spinney’s Dad is also from New Brunswick!) He gave me an actual Big Bird feather, a gift to treasure forever. (October 2018):

Some truly funny things happen when performing magic! Here’s a ‘True Story’ by The Amazing Mr. J – David Johnston, with Comic Art by MAD Magazine’s Mike Holmes, for The Coast (September 2010):

The Amazing Mr. J – a tribute to the music, and magic, of Stan Rogers (StanFest 20th Anniversary – June 2016):

The Amazing Mr. J presents ‘Back to the Future’ Magic Party for Parkinsons! (Charity event – October 2015):

“Trenton Fun Fest” Pictou Advocate (July 2015)

“Mike Robinson and The Amazing Mr. J show, hosted by Lenore Zann” (April 2015)

“Music & Magic fundraiser for Mental Health” (April 2015)

The Amazing Mr. J presents ‘Music & Magic for Mental Health’ (Charity event – April 2015):

The Amazing Mr. J interviewed at Billy Joel concert (Québec City newspaper, front page, July 2014):

The Amazing Mr. J- CTV interview at Billy Joel concert (July 2014):   (Mr. J interviewed at 2:14)

The Amazing Mr. J meets Prince Charles & Camilla (May 2014):

The Amazing Mr. J- Houdini Séance performance atop Citadel Hill, Halifax NS (Hallowe’en 2013):

Mr. J’s Houdini Séance Articles:

The Amazing Mr. J on CBC TV’s Dragons’ Den (2013)
Halifax audition:

Mr. J on CBC TV’s Dragons’ Den Articles:
“Truro Resident on Dragons’ Den This Fall” (March 2013)
“Truro Man Auditions for Dragons’ Den” (February 2013)

Following a successful publishing deal with CBC Dragon Kevin O’Leary, you can read The Amazing Mr. J’s story in Kevin’s #1 International Bestselling Book- ‘Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids & Money’ (pgs 123-133):

The Amazing Mr. J at Atlantica Oak Island (March 2013):

“Family Literacy Day” (January 2013)

“Magic Moments front page picture- New Year’s Eve Party” (December 2012)

“Town of Truro New Year’s Eve Celebrations” (December 2012)

The Amazing Mr. J – Reveen TV commercial (November 2012):

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“Halifax Library Guide” (Summer 2009)
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“Library Guide” (Summer 2006)
“A Little Magic Goes a Long Way” (2006) (Photo and article by Caitlin McIntyre)
“Celebrating Family Literacy Day” (2006)
“Truro Mall March Break Promo” (2005)
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The Hero’s Hero- Remembrance Day show (November 2003)
“Now That’s a Balloon” (2002)
“Teen Friends of the Library” (2000)
“Nothing Up My Sleeve” (2000)

Fan Mail:

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Who's YOUR personal HERO? ❤👍Kenny is my Cape Breton cousin, the Big Brother I never had. But who was HIS hero? Growing up, it was EVEL KNIEVEL (Kenny took me on his Ski-Doo behind the North Sydney Mall, performing "jumps" off the huge snow piles...among other wild stunts!)🚲🛴👍Today, the beloved Kenny is the recipient of HRM Volunteer awards, and a successful computer repair entrepreneur, who always goes out of his way for everyone else. So, yours truly had to surprise Kenny for his BIRTHDAY...with an "Evel KENNY-VEL" balloon.😋 (Y)Amid shutdowns and storms, BIRTHDAYS are still your #1 opportunity to send someone you love a well-wish. Hope you do! Even your smallest action will be as memorable as a crazy Evel Knievel stunt (Plus, you'll never're guaranteed success!)Everyone Needs A Kenny. Who's YOURS? 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️🦹‍♀️🦹‍♂️❤🙂👍MR. J WEBSITES: YOUTUBE: #BirthdayParty #AmazingMisterJ #Magician #Magic #LiveAnimals #Balloons #Joy #CapeBreton #Stuntman #EvelKnievel #Hero #Kenny #EveryoneNeedsAKenny ... See MoreSee Less
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2021 is DONE...and YOU made it THROUGH! Symbolically, just like the Magic Silk you see in this video, (gliding THROUGH the solid microphone stand), YOU also persevered. You got clean THROUGH all the tough times. PLUS, throughout it all, you still made some new Magic Memories to treasure. And The Best is Yet to Come...😉👍Happy New Year!🍾🍷🍹 Wishing you Peace & Progress, as we all move forward together. Here's to YOU, Magic Friends.😊🎩❤⭐👍MR. J WEBSITES: YOUTUBE: #BirthdayParty #AmazingMisterJ #Magician #Magic #LiveAnimals #Balloons #Joy #Kindness #Gratitude #Joy #Love #HappyNewYear #TheBestIsYetToCome ... See MoreSee Less
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How are YOU feeling, Magic Friends?🤗🎩It's Christmas. So, Hopefully Happy! 🎅❤👍HOWEVER, if your Heart hurts for those departed, or distant... If you've got 'The Break-up Blues?' Covid confused? Missing your Muse?If you're feeling: Lost, lonely, or unloved...(Or all of the above!)This is especially for YOU.👍Just read Leonard Cohen's bio. You know Cohen, of course: Icon of Montreal. Canada's Poet Superstar. And later...Ordained Buddhist Monk. (!) Why pursue THAT path? Imagine this: after all his success, the great COHEN was deeply DEPRESSED. (!) However, let me share with you, the profound positive balm he gleaned, from his monkish meditations (which showed him a new, different reality): "The LESS of ME there was, the HAPPIER I BECAME."Dr. Patch Adams (the real one, from the Robin Williams movie) shared this, in his (excellent) autobiography. PATCH was also DEPRESSED...seeing his Dad return broken from the Vietnam War, to a country that shunned his Father, and segregated minorities. After hospitalization, Patch turned PROACTIVE. He decided to ride the elevator in a New York skyscraper all day long, intentionally engaging folks in conversation. Exchanging simple compliments, friendly banter and jokes, his intent each time was to get a laugh. To his surprise, 99% of people were eager to talk with him. (Even the other 1% would smile!) He learned that all people- including and often especially complete strangers- deeply desired CONNECTION. These days, Patch's idea of a "Day Off" is to performing clowning at hospitals for sick kids (!), or even flying into the hospitals of war zones (!), to give comfort to others. HERE's THE THING: these encounters actually made PATCH HIMSELF feel infinitely better. "Depression is a Symptom of Loneliness", he often says, having found the key to regaining his own inner sharing joy with others. Recurring theme here: It's All about Others. It's All about Love.In case you were wondering:What is the Purpose of Your Life? To Share Joy. What is the Meaning of Your Life? To Share Joy.(Talk about convenient...both deep eternal questions have the same easy answer. Cool that The Universe is set up this way) 🙂Y'know, personally, I spent the last week criss-crossing Nova Scotia (covid-masked, of course!) as SANTA. 🎅 With more than a dozen scheduled Magic Show bookings all cancelled due to Omicron (aka The Grinch), what's a Magician Bon Vivant to do? Forced out of work, a rare week of free time...Hmmm,'s time for "Santa Tour 2021!" Delivering cards/balloons/fresh-baked treats/ to family/friends/complete strangers. (See pictures!) Performing some Magic tricks too. Dropping in on folks I hadn't seen in YEARS. The visiting times were random (Santa never reveals exactly WHEN he will arrive!), and responses were 100% amazing. Get this: in the Big Stop parking lot in Auld's Cove, a random couple ran up to me, excitedly asking Santa to hold their newborn BABY. They just wanted take a picture of their new precious gift, with St. Nick (Pic attached for you!). What an honour to be that young angel's first ever picture with Santa. Plus, what hope, what warmth, what Magic in those little eyes. Losing a few weeks of work was all beyond worth it, just for that moment. To hold The Christmas Child. The Light of the World.So, what is the Magic Secret to beating the Holiday Blues? Motion is the Lotion. Or, as Johnny Cash sang "Get Rhythm...when You get the Blues." Good News: YOU don't have to become an ordained Monk, like Leonard Cohen. Or yack it up on New York elevators, like Patch Adams. Or perambulate the province, galivanting in garish Santa garb, like 'ole Mr. Jolly here. YOU can perform YOUR OWN personal Santa Tour!Ask for help if you need it. You are NOT alone. Also, try and push yourself. Try making a random video call, e-mail, phone call, or write a (gasp!) hand-written (!) letter. Cook something, surprise someone, reach out to someone. This,, I GUARANTEE YOU (and this is the amazing part) WILL MAKE YOU FEEL WONDERFUL. ❤It truly is better to give than receive. The more you think of others, the happier you will become. Like Magic.🎩(Can YOU imagine how the REAL SANTA must feel, after delivering free presents to the ENTIRE WORLD?)Merry Christmas, Friends. May the deep, lasting, MAGIC of this season be YOURS.😀🎩❤🎅🎄👍MR. J WEBSITES: YOUTUBE: #BirthdayParty #AmazingMisterJ #Magician #Magic #LiveAnimals #Balloons #FelizNavidad #MerryChristmas #PatchAdams #Happy #Joy #Kindness #Gratitude #Joy #Love ... See MoreSee Less
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I wanna wish YOU...a Merry Magic, Holly Jolly Christmas! (But from where?? You guessed it!) From the bottom of my heart. 🎅🎄❤🎩👍 "The most REVOLUTIONARY ACT one can commit in our world is to be HAPPY. Commit RANDOM KINDNESS and SENSELESS ACTS of JOY!" -Dr. Patch Adams ⭐❤👍 MR. J WEBSITES: YOUTUBE: #BirthdayParty #AmazingMisterJ #Magician #Magic #LiveAnimals #Balloons #FelizNavidad #MerryChristmas #PatchAdams #Happy #Joy #Kindness #Gratitude #Joy #Love ... See MoreSee Less
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Do YOU believe the things you do make a difference? Christmas story for you: Before becoming a full-time entertainer, my most entertaining student was Mike Little, during my days as a schoolteacher. Mike was a likeable, easy-going but very quiet 10-year-old, and I needed a lead for the class Christmas play. Seeing Mike's subtle sense of humour, (and how he would always try and get one over on me), I sensed: "This young guy's got something!", so I asked if he would play 'Scrooge' (alongside me as 'Santa') in my Dickens sequel attempt: "Another Christmas Carol". With the entire super-talented class backing him up in their roles, Mike came alive on that school stage...dancing, clicking his heels, and making the audience merry. His wit and natural charisma shined! Couldn't have been prouder. Mike's parents (who later hired me as his tutor for a while), said they could hardly recognize their son, who they always thoughts was way too shy to ever perform in such an extroverted fashion. And in front of such a huge audience? It felt like a Christmas miracle. FAST FORWARD to 2020...who stops by for a visit to one of my houses? Mike a successful farmer, hard-working man, and Father of four. We have a few laughs and catch-up. Mike sees my driveway in need of repair, so what does he do? He brings up his big machines, and takes a few build me a new driveway. Get this: for FREE. All his generous time, equipment, and labour. For free. He insisted. Humbled and grateful doesn't begin to describe. (Finally, I did convince Mike he could use some of my land for his crops, as payback). And it continues...Mike's younger brother Robbie (also a former student, now a very talented and successful entrepreneur in Alberta) was the key volunteer in fixing up the giant highway billboard in my woods, into a rallying 'Nova Scotia Strong' sign last year. Thanks again to another amazing former student. FAST FORWARD to 2021...just paid Mike a surprise birthday/Christmas visit, with balloons for him and his daughter...who is now the same age Mike was, when I first met him, years ago. Full circle. Christmas continuity. Plus, what lucky kids Mike has, I thought...having such an amazing, kind Dad. And Mike still has his sense of humour...when I asked what balloon he'd like, offering to make "anything at all", he said: "How about a LOBSTER?" (Now that was a first!) Luckily, was able to grant his wish (see pictures!)Bottom line: Anytime you influence children for the better, you are affecting never know how far your influence goes. You never know the positive, lasting impression you can give to other people. Like creative ripples, through the lake of time. Such an inspiring blessing to experience this firsthand, with so many children through the years. Just imagine those that have magically touched YOUR YOU get to be the Magician. For them."The Thoughts of Youth are long, long thoughts..." -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, "My Lost Youth"MR. J WEBSITES: YOUTUBE: #BirthdayParty #AmazingMisterJ #Magician #Magic #LiveAnimals #Balloons #Joy #Happiness #Believe #Gratitude #Love #Longefellow #MerryChristmas #TheMagicOfChildhood #Eternity ... See MoreSee Less
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