Schools/Public Shows

Looking for some family-friendly entertainment for a large group? Make it MAGIC!! ‘The Amazing Mr. J’s Magic Show’ guarantees a fun-filled, family friendly, audience interactive performance featuring: a LIVE magic bunny rabbit, AND a LIVE magic dove (they’re tame and trained; the kids always love them), your guests of all ages as the star magic volunteers (should they wish), full audience involvement, and lively, colourful magic for everyone! The show runs an hour.

The Amazing Mr. J’s Magic Show is perfect for schools, malls, exhibitions, weddings, festivals, day cares, libraries, grand openings, parades, Christmas parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvah events, and many more! Having performed over 3500+ shows nationwide since 1999, The Amazing Mr. J can create personally customized shows for YOU!

Since you will have a wide age range of kids in attendance, as well as grown-ups, the magic show will be customized to keep everyone entertained simultaneously! There will be some extra balloon animal and balloon hat prizes provided for some of your guests as well!

Another easy feature: The Amazing Mr. J does all the set up for you!

A magic table, a sound system, a large magic curtain backdrop, and all the special props are provided for you. Plus, you can have the show indoors or outdoors, in any location or situation. Just pick where you want the show, and voila! EASY! How relaxed will you feel when you can invite an UNLIMITED number of guests, leave them all to me, and then sit back and enjoy the show yourself?

If you are a school or library looking for a show with an educational message for your students, here’s an idea:

‘The Magic of Reading’ is an award-winning educational show for schools and libraries!

‘The Magic of Reading’ is a high-energy, interactive, feel-good magic show with an important, repeated educational message: “Reading is Magic!” and “Readers are Leaders!”. All the magic in the show is custom-themed around the importance of reading, in various aspects of life.

You can use this show to promote literacy month at your school or library, a book fair, author visit, or even special events, like the birthday of Dr. Seuss! (March 2nd)

With the popularity of ‘Harry Potter’, magic and literacy already share a natural marriage in students’ minds. You can easily use ‘The Magic of Reading’ to promote literacy and a magical sharing experience at your school or library.

Each Show Features:

  • FREE school appropriate comic books courtesy of Strange Adventures, Halifax. (Naturally, when one of your students *wins* a free comic book prize in front of all their friends, it makes the reading material extra special, so girls and boys love to read them even more!)
  • An hour of high-energy magic, fun, interactive audience participation, and the positive promotion of literacy.
  • Helpful literacy information for your schools and teachers, plus reading tips for students to take home to their parents.
  • Adaptable to classrooms, libraries, and school gyms for any size audience, or age group, that you need.
  • Extra bonus magic prizes for everyone.

Feel free to call or e-mail anytime for a free quote, and to check remaining availability!

The Amazing
   Mr. J ON

Have you ever received a special gift in the mail? Not a package you ordered from a company, but a true surprise treat you never expected: a hand-written letter, or even a child's personalized ART of yourself? Imagine the surprise and joy for your Magic Friend Mr. J, when this "fan mail" envelope arrived from talented young Leo and Lucy, featuring their drawings of yours truly. (Amazing resemblance!). Honoured to hear from their Mom that they enjoyed the recent Magic Birthday Show they saw, and they have since been practicing doing many tricks of their own! Will treasure these pics always...they're going up in the Magic Room. Y'know, if you personally have the chance, why not write someone a quick hand-written letter, or ask your child to do a drawing, to brighten someone's day? As you know, In our online age, the personal touch means SO SO much. Real MAGIC!! #SharingJoy #Giving #HandWritten #Letters #Art #Drawing #DavidJolly #TheAmazingMisterJ #Magician #BirthdayParty #Magic #Love ... See MoreSee Less
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It's Pride Month! LOVE is MAGIC! You know, when gifting beloved actor/activist GEORGE TAKEI with a balloon rainbow, my brother and I were also honoured to thank him personally, for his persistent and preeminent promotion of equality, acceptance, and Love. His joyful, smiling response (in trademark Takei voice, if you can imagine hearing it here yourself!) was: "Why, thank you. And of course, Love should...always be...COLOURFUL." Some sublime sentiments, spoken by the stellar Star Trek Star. Happy Pride, y'all. "Oh My!" ;) #LoveIsMagic #HappyPride #GeorgeTakei #Acceptance #Celebration #Equality #Love #DavidJolly #TheAmazingMisterJ #Magician #Entertainment #BirthdayParty #BalloonTwisting #OhMy ... See MoreSee Less
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Happy Birthday, LEA THOMPSON! You'll remember the talented actor of course as Lorraine McFly (Michael J. Fox's Mom) in 'Back to the Future', (and also as an 80s celebrity crush for many, including yours truly back in the day), PLUS she also starred (and sang!) in 1986's 'Howard the Duck' infamous flop, but a movie that she still loves! Naturally, to SHARE said love, yours truly simply HAD to make her a 'Howard the Duck balloon!' Luckily, it did give her a hearty laugh, and she said it was definitely the first such balloon she's ever been gifted. 😋 A very upbeat, fun-loving lady in person. Here's a story she told! FUN-FACT: Didja know her first major role was 1983's Jaws 3-D, for which she was required to do extensive waterskiing. Get this: Lea couldn't waterski AT ALL, nor could she even SWIM! During her audition, she said: 'Oh, sure!" when asked if she had these skills. So, they hired her on the spot, which gave her only FIVE days (!) to learn how! Talk about "fake it 'till you make it!" Gutsy woman. May we all adopt Lea's Life Lesson: be fearless, and always dive right in! Wishing you a Ducky Day, Magic Friends! #LeaThompson #HappyBirthday #AmazingWoman #80sCelebCrush #HowardTheDuck #BackToTheFuture #DavidJolly #AmazingMisterJ #Magician #BirthdayParty ... See MoreSee Less
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Hoo-boy, Magic Friends! Tonight is the Big One!! Will Montreal stay alive, or will Toronto advance?? Lord Stanley's Cup is at stake, so The Amazing Mr. J & Ron Cherry are making BETS on Canada's oldest rivalry! Plus, they continue their own hockey hijinks, just for YOU! All this and less, on today's..."Dummy Night in Canada!"😋😅 😀🎩❤🏒🥅🍁👍#Canada #HockeyNightInCanada #NHLPlayoffs #Leafs #LeafsNation #Habs #HabsNation #DummyNightInCanada #RonCherry #TheAmazingMrJ #DavidJolly #Magician #Entertainer #BirthdayParty #StompinTomConnors #TheHockeySong #ProudCanadian ... See MoreSee Less
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