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YOUR MAGIC Life Lesson! As you "stay the blazes home', never let your Magic Rabbit provide your lockdown groceries! πŸ˜‹πŸŽ©Still, hope you continue to count your blessings, know you are Loved, and let's keep Life's MAGIC alive.β€πŸ‘#DavidJolly #AmazingMisterJ #Magician #Magic #BirthdayParties #RudyTheRedNosedRabbit #MagicRabbit #BadBunny #StayTheBlazesHome #Groceries #WhyMe #NeedACanOpener www misterj.ca www.amazingmisterj.ca www.halifaxmagician.ca ... See MoreSee Less
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May the 4th Be With YOU! Hilariously, when introducing my Magic Rabbit to Chewbacca, she continually clambered and climbed out of her Magic Hat, excitedly trying to meet her new furry friend! (Jedi instincts??) Whether we are all bound by The Force, the Mystery of Magic, or just being Nova Scotia Strong, the Covid Empire doesn't stand a chance...we will win...keep the faith, and let's all keep shining as bright as lightsabres, fellow Rebel Heroes! #maythe4thbewithyou #StarWars #magic #magician #davidjolly #theamazingmisterj #jedi #beingquarantinedathomeislikebeingondagobah www.misterj.ca www.amazingmisterj.ca www.halifaxmagician.ca ... See MoreSee Less
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HAPPY WORLD LAUGHTER DAY! (May 2nd- Yes, it's a real day!) While we stay the blazes home, let LAUGHTER be YOUR INSTANT VACATION. :) <3 So many types of humour: puns, silliness, slapstick, farcical, abstract/absurd humour...just look around you, there is always SO much to laugh at! (Personally, I just look in the mirror!) Seeing a small child react to things makes your soul smile, the key to untold treasures. Foolishness is everywhere, from someone accidentally misspeaking a word, to auto-correct changing your words to the ridiculous. As we go through our extended strange situation, let laughter be your therapy, and your constant companion- never far from your heart. As Monty Python sang: "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life". :) Remember, muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone. Walt Disney said: "Laughter is Timeless. Imagination has no Age. And Dreams are Forever". Mr. J would add: "Laughter is MAGIC!" :) #WorldLaughterDay #Magic #Magician #TheAmazingMisterJ #DavidJolly #BirthdayParty #AlwaysLookOnTheBrightSideofLife #HappyHappyJoyJoy www.misterj.ca www.amazingmisterj.ca www.halifaxmagician.ca ... See MoreSee Less
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Do you remember the 1980s Karate Kid movies? Imagine this: Have you ever been LITERALLY held up, by your childhood heroes?? Quick story for you...imagine this: Attempting to re-enact the famous Daniel-San "Crane Kick" for a personal meeting with Johnny Lawrence (actor William Zabka), for some reason (despite my daily Yoga practice!)...at that moment, I just couldn't keep my balance! The watch-checking cameraman winced as I wobbled...off-balance and waving my arms...6...7...8 awkward seconds ticked by, the awkwardness palpable. Suddenly (as if by MAGIC!), the jovial Johnny- grinning- and seemingly sympathizing with my situation, extended the full length and strength of his arm, as a brace for my back...helping me continue the "Crane" for the camera! (You can see our reactions in the photo attached, the one featuring just myself and Johnny). Maybe he intervened to help, as he and his Karate co-stars liked their Mr. J balloon gifts?? Anyway, as you know, our role models and heroes often hold us up SPIRITUALLY during challenging times (like now!), and it's cool to know they can LITERALLY hold us up too! So, keep your own personal heroes in your hearts, let their example help you focus and visualize...and together we will all give covid a Karate Crane Kick!Since we have to "Stay the Blazes Home", if you will, let me share with YOU a MAGICAL new show (well, relatively new...on Season 3 now!)...the continuation of The Karate Kid movies: 'Cobra Kai'. If you know me well, YOU KNOW I am a voracious BOOK READER/LOVER, who VERY VERY RARELY watches TV (and who certainly NEVER promotes TV shows to you, on facebook!). πŸ˜‹ So hopefully, you hearing me now highly recommend a TV show to you, might​ mean something!You know, a good TV show is like a good MAGIC TRICK. If done in an entertaining fashion, you become fully immersed, and you simply enjoy it for what it is. Upon repeated viewing, you may analyse the nuts and bolts, and figure out 'WHY' it works. But for that first time you see it, that glorious first time...the MAGIC is real. You are given the gift of JOYOUS ESCAPE. Well, Cobra Kai is TV MAGIC.If you're open, Friend...let me try to sell you on 'Cobra Kai' (To share the JOY with you!) As you know, we often tend to idealize the Magic of our 'First Loves'. We also sometimes idealize the Magic of our childhood and teen years. Were things as we thought? Was any of that "real", or are we lost in a dream? Can we come to a new understanding of any challenging times we experienced? Can we reconcile, and forgive? And can we go "HOME" again? (SHOULD we?)If this all makes 'Cobra Kai' sound like a Love Letter to middle-aged children of the 80s, yes, it is. It's perfect. But it's so much more! Even if you didn't grow up then, the diverse cast of new, younger characters are all equally compelling, and their perspectives ADD to the growing mythos, instead of seeking to REPLACE it (like so many 'reboots/half-baked-franchise-continuations' do). ANYONE can relate to ALL the characters in Cobra Kai. Laugh-out-loud Humour, brilliantly choreographed Action, heartwarming, unpredictable Romance...overflowing with nostalgia, strong female and male characters, all while showing (through generational drama) how History always repeats itself...Cobra Kai is truly a show for everyone. (But especially...YOU!)Here's the deal: If you've seen the Karate Kid movies, just try the FIRST episode of Cobra Kai. If you somehow (?!) don't enjoy it AT ALL, yours truly will write you a personal, hand-written apology! Maybe I'll even buy you lunch and do some Magic tricks for you...to make up for you wasting your 30 minutes. (Not many shows come with this kind of MAGIC GUARANTEE!) Win-Win for YOU!By the way, if you have never actually seen the 1980s Karate Kid movies, just know that my amazing sister Catherine never saw them either while growing up (though she certainly overheard her loud older brothers, constantly quoting the many famous lines!). She recently took the plunge, watched everything, and got fully hooked...even to the point of excitedly watching Cobra Kai's new seasons before I did! So, watching the original movies are an easy and worthwhile catch-up for you. They also will enrich your nostalgic experience.Hope the MAGIC of Cobra Kai also boosts these next couple weeks for YOU! They had me on Cloud Nine. Actually, it felt more like...Cloud TWELVE! Almost as if a hero was...literally...holding me up... πŸ˜‰ #Heroes #Magic #DavidJolly #AmazingMisterJ #Magician #Balloons #BirthdayParty #KarateKid #CobraKai #RalphMacchio #DanielSan #WilliamZabka #JohnnyLawrence #MartinKove #SensaiKreese #CraneTechnique #StayTheBlazesHome #WaxOnWaxOff #Love www.misterj.ca www.amazingmisterj.ca www.halifaxmagician.ca ... See MoreSee Less
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It's OSCAR NIGHT! Fun Fact: Didja know that when movies first came into existence, the early pioneers (like Charlie Chaplin) believed we would all finally have world peace?? Yes, many in the 1920s felt our human empathy and understanding would grow, as soon as all the many peoples around the world saw each other on that big, grand, silver screen. As you can imagine, the fervent hope was that this game-changing new art form could create connections, open dialogue, and help us all celebrate our common humanity! :) "Woo hoo, YES! let's change the world! Let's bring everyone together!" :) Now 100 years later, we have...ummmmm...well...mixed results?? :P Just the same, for all the tacky, American-centric, over-the-top, self-laudatory, self-advertising, subjectively-judged hoopla of the Academy Awards (The 93rd Annual, this year), at the core of The Oscars is still a celebration of cinema...and that still can certainly help a little to bring us together in our common humanity! Can you vividly recall a movie that moved you, and stuck with you all your life? Naturally, regarding "awards", it's fun to debate who *shoulda, coulda, woulda* won each category, but at least most of the winners (usually) are at least somewhat of a cut above the average schlocky Hollywood fare. Plus, if you adore cinema (and its fascinating rich history), it can stimulate real conversation between people! You know, as a child, I thought "The Oscars" simply meant everyone's favourite trash can dwelling grouch. :P Years later, though, thanks to my beloved parents, watching the annual Oscars extravaganza came a wonderful family tradition. My amazing sister watches too! Haven't missed one now in 30 years. (Even bought Mom & Dad a replica "Oscar" in the category of "BEST PARENTS" one Christmas! See picture!) So in a roundabout way, movies may not have "brought everyone in the world together", but The Oscars have served to bring our family all together every year, wherever they may be. May the Magic of the Movies also serve to bring YOU and YOUR loved ones together too! Since we have to 'stay the blazes home' these days anyway, why not expand your cinematic palette, and your imaginative horizons, by sampling an off-the-beaten-path movie you might not have looked at otherwise? Plenty of foreign films, documentaries, and independent gems for you to choose from. Treat yourself to our common humanity. Your Life is your movie. It's our movie. And, just like Magic, it never ends! :) #LoveMovies #Oscars2021 #AcademyAwards #Art #Cinema #Magic #Magician #AmazingMisterJ #DavidJolly #Birthday #Parties #AndTheAwardGoesTo #MomAndDad www.misterj.ca www.amazingmisterj.ca www.halifaxmagician.ca ... See MoreSee Less
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