Birthday Parties

Need some birthday entertainment? Make it MAGIC!! You can RELAX and leave all the kids to The Amazing Mr. J!
Let ‘Canada’s Party Professional’ take care of everything – your child will THANK YOU for years to come!!

Your child only has one birthday a year, and you want it to be SPECIAL. The Amazing Mr. J knows this, and he’ll put nearly twenty years of experience of entertaining children across Canada to work for YOU!

Imagine your child’s best birthday party ever! You’ll LOVE The Amazing Mr. J, guaranteed, or your show is FREE!

When you invite The Amazing Mr. J to your child’s birthday party, you get 60 minutes of magic fun consisting of:

  • A high-energy, audience interactive, colourful magic show!
  • A real live dove (tame, friendly, and safe)
  • A real live bunny rabbit (also tame, friendly, and safe)
  • Your child as the SPECIAL assistant and star!
  • BONUS! After the 60 minute magic show, The Amazing Mr. J gives FREE balloon animals to all your guests!
  • FREE extra-fancy super balloon animals and bonus prizes for your child!
  • Your child will receive the spotlight, and have a truly magical experience, making them feel super-special on their big day!

As repeat bookings are frequent, The Amazing Mr. J features ALL-NEW different shows every time, to keep the performance fresh for the many who have seen him before! So, if your child has seen The Amazing Mr. J perform anywhere previously, just mention when/where this was, and an all-new show featuring different magic tricks will be customized for your child’s big day!

“Mr. J, you are like giving a kid Disneyland for their birthday!”
– Lorna Kirk, Halifax

By the way, you can invite UNLIMITED kids, so all your child’s friends/classmates will all feel included! (Feel free to take advantage!) And how relaxed will you feel knowing you can then sit back, relax, and leave them all to The Amazing Mr. J?

Feel free to take as many photos as you want! It’s a great opportunity to preserve some treasured memories of your child’s special day!

Your easiest feature: The Amazing Mr. J does all the set up for you! He’ll bring a magic table, a large magic curtain backdrop, all the props, and even a sound system if necessary. Indoors or outdoors, large or small rooms, in your home or another location, The Amazing Mr. J can adapt to any venue for you. Just let The Amazing Mr. J know where you want the show, and voila! Your party is planned! What could be easier?

BONUS! After the 60 minute Magic Show, each child will get their own FREE balloon animal to keep! They choose the colour too!

“Wow, that was really somethin’!” – NATALIE MacMASTER, Fiddling Superstar

“Mr. J has the ability to connect with his audience better, and faster, than any performer I’ve ever seen. My daughter and her friends howled for an hour straight!” – JONATHAN TORRENS, Canadian TV Star

“Thanks for performing for my son’s birthday, Mr. J- Felix loved it!” – JEAN-SÉBASTIEN GIGUÈRE, Stanley Cup Champion

Plus, YOUR special birthday child gets to be photographed with the LIVE rabbit and dove, and also receive some special extra surprise presents, including a giant magic wand, and some extra-fancy balloon animals exclusively for them!

With all these extras following the magic, The Amazing Mr. J’s Show easily runs well over 60 minutes! This means you can relax, sit back and enjoy the party, and let The Amazing Mr. J entertain the kids. Easy!

You’ll find The Amazing Mr. J gives you the best value for your hard earned money, GUARANTEED.

SAVE MORE! Since The Amazing Mr. J brings the party right to YOU, and can adapt to your venue (including any size home, apartment, or yard), you can SAVE on your party planning by not having to rent any separate party venue! Also, you can SAVE by ‘doubling up’…celebrating two or MORE birthdays at the SAME party! Extra bonus prizes will still be provided for each extra special birthday child for FREE!

So, as your child’s birthday approaches, why not call The Amazing Mr. J RIGHT NOW at 902-895-3612 and plan your best party ever TODAY? The Amazing Mr. J’s calendar fills FAST, and availability is limited, so remember to BOOK EARLY!

Feel free to download and print these custom Magic Party Invitations.

Feel free to call or e-mail anytime for a free quote, and to check remaining availability!

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A young girl asked after a recent Magic Birthday Show: "Mr. J, is this your...job??" After replying 'yes', she continued: "Really? Your job is performing Magic Shows?" After saying yes again, you could visibly see a happy glow in her eyes, and a smile appear on her face. You could almost see the wheels turning inside her head. Finally, she softly exclaimed: "Wow...", which gave hope that maybe, just maybe...a door had been opened for her. That she knows in some deep, fully internalized way, that she could be Canada's next great inventor, astronaut, entertainer...or *ANYTHING* she wants! :) #Magician #Magic #AmazingMisterJ #DavidJolly #BirthdayParty #UnlimitedPotential ... See MoreSee Less

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Wishing YOU a Merry Magic Easter! May you enjoy a wacky wonderful weekend, full of happy children, chocolate, and chuckles!👍Plus, Mr. J promises to put in a good word with the Easter Bunny...just for you!😀🎩❤👍🐰🐇❤👍 #amazingmisterj #davidjolly #magician #happyeaster #easterbunny #children #chocolate #chuckles ... See MoreSee Less

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"Hip Hip Hello", Magic Friends! Planning a Party?? Make it Fun... Make it Memorable...Make it MAGIC!! 😀🎩❤👍 A quote for you, from one of this week's shows: "Hey Mr. J! Thanks so much...this was Easton's best birthday yet, because of you! He loved it." -Kala Cooke, Middle Sackville. (March 2021) The Amazing Mr. J! Magic Entertainment for all ages, all occasions! Limited availability...Book Early! (Does this power-packed post sound like a pitch? You got it, Friend! Can't fool you...YOU must be a MAGICIAN too!! Fun fact: Today is HOUDINI'S Birthday. 😉 Excelsior!!!!) 😀🎩❤👍 #AmazingMisterJ #DavidJolly #Magician #Entertainment #BirthdayParties 🎂 #KitchenParty #Malls #Schools #Weddings #Campgrounds #Festivals #MakeItMagic ... See MoreSee Less

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