Born and based in Halifax, NS, The Amazing Mr. J travels all across Canada, entertaining with magic and comedy shows for kids, adults, and corporate groups (He’s even been hired by numerous celebrities!) Having performed over 3500+ shows nationwide since 1999, from Newfoundland, to Toronto, even to Whitehorse, Yukon (at the 2016 Sourdough Festival along with Natalie MacMaster), Mr. J loves this beautiful country, and all the truly amazing people who live here.

You may have seen The Amazing Mr. J on television over the years, on CTV’s Mike Bullard Show, Live at Five, Breakfast Television, his own show on EastLink, or many other TV guest appearances. Mr. J even faced the Dragons on CBC TV’s Dragons’ Den, luckily scoring a deal with the famously (infamously?) money-loving Kevin O’Leary! You can read Mr. J’s first published story inside Dragons’ Den/Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary’s newest #1 international bestseller (pages 123-133) “Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids & Money”. (Thanks for publishing Mr. J, Mr. Wonderful!)

How did it begin? When Mr. J’s wonderful MOM & DAD bought him a magic kit for his 5th birthday, he became hooked, performing his first ‘shows’ right out of the box. When turning six, a little show for guests at his grandparents house in Saint John, New Brunswick sparked a lifelong love of performing. (So, parents, it’s always good to encourage that stuff in your children!) A few years later, those same perfect parents hired some magicians to perform at his house, forever expanding little Mr. J’s imagination. From then on, he hoped someday to give this same joy and excitement to others.

Whilst taking circus training and attending theatre school, Mr. J called Toronto home for a few years too. By day, Mr. J is a Magician, Landlord, Writer, and Bon Vivant. By night, he is also those things. That’s because he’s that good kind of workaholic: a goal-setting, practical dreamer. Mr. J speaks French, and loves Canada, nature, the outdoors, green living, exercising, hiking, poetry, film, the arts, CBC Radio, singing, skydiving, new ideas, traveling, board games, magic (of course), plus virtually all music and literature. Geeky confession: Mr. J built a giant ‘drive-in style’ theatre in his forest behind the house, and collects vintage arcade and pinball machines (for retro parties!)

Mr. J loves children, and is writing an original children’s book. A couple books for adults are also in the works. (Keep watching your local bookstore!)

Mr. J is cosmopolitan and urbane, and (let’s face it), rather silly too.

By the way, Mr. J never goes around talking about himself in the third person like this. That’s just an understood pretense when writing this kind of stuff. So, “I” would like to personally and publicly thank my family, friends, and magic inspirations: Mom and Dad, The Immortal Mike Robinson (my magic mentor), Drew and Angela (of DV8 Reality Magic), Fraggle Rock Muppeteer Terry Angus, Jeff Pinsky of Browser’s Den of Magic (Toronto), Leno and Letterman star Ian Stewart, Strange Adventures owner Calum Johnston, plus fellow magicians John Talbot, Al Bernard, Michael James, The Amazing Kreskin, Penn & Teller, Lance Burton, Marco Tempest, Jay Sankey and many others. Thanks for the imagination to Jim Henson, Charles Schulz, Stan Lee, Dr. Seuss, Owen McCarron, William Gaines, Michael Landon, and of course, Canada’s own Mr. Dressup!

The biggest thanks goes to YOU- for visiting this site, and for helping me to live the dream as a full-time magician/entertainer. It has been a sincere pleasure, and honour, to perform for you for nearly 20 years, and to share so many fun-filled times with new friends of all ages. Naturally, your thoughts and comments are always greatly appreciated. YOU are helping keep the magic alive!

Would love to hear from you! Feel free to send your questions, heckles, marriage proposals, or really good jokes to: misterjmagic@hotmail.com


The Amazing
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Can you personally remember the joy you felt, when you had your picture featured on a special wall, or say, printed in the newspaper? Felt overjoyed to hear that the little girl who graces the back cover of the new 'Amazing Mr. J Comic Book' discovered her star outing by surprise, when her friend randomly showed her a copy! (After receiving permission to use the photo after a Magic Birthday Show for her last December, I had planned to tell the family she was now featured in the new Mr. J Grandway Comic- though before I could, the youngster discovered it by this happy surprise!) THOUSANDS of these comics have now made their way into the hands of kids and adults throughout Atlantic Canada, so I hope she feels like the star she is! Here's the wonderful e-mail I received from her Mom: "Hi Mr. J! I just wanted to let you know that Sammy got a copy of your comic book from a friend who was at the McDonalds in Tantallon this week. She was so excited, and proud, to see herself on the back cover with you. She took it to school today for Show and Tell.
It reminded us how awesome her birthday was and how special you made her feel on her special day :) Take Care. Brittany Pottie" :)
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Are you a fan of JOHN CLEESE? You'll be happy to know the Fawlty Towers funnyman showed great warmth and humour upon meeting him in person, following his comedy performance (hilariously entitled: "Why There is No Hope"). For two hours, the near-80 year old Monty Python legend entertainingly explained why! Then, after his sharp and witty outlook on current world affairs, I asked him backstage if he felt there was "any hope of there ever being hope!" He said YES, in such that the best way to enjoy life is through the famous 'Serenity Prayer' (where you simply use your strength to change the things you can, and not worry about the things you can't!). A very wise and funny show, from possibly the FUNNIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD! Proving this point, upon seeing my stuffed 'monster bunny' (from the 'Life of Brian' movie, with this replica version used as a comedy prop in my personal Magic Shows for 20 years), John Cleese instantly took it and played up that the bunny was attacking him! I couldn't even get the ravenous rabbit away from him, as he continued to jostle with it! Priceless. He also loved the 'Dead Parrot' balloon gift, from the famous Python sketch. Will always remember his words: "Once you start thinking, 'Oh, I'm a very serious and important person,' I think you basically die inside.The secret to feeling good is being able to LAUGH at YOURSELF." Thank you, Mr. Cleese, for helping us all to "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!" That's TRUE MAGIC!! :) ... See MoreSee Less

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Looking to entertain your kids, AND help children's charities across Canada? Wednesday May 8th is McHappy Day! The Amazing Mr. J will be at the Upper Tantallon McDonald's from 6:00-7:00pm, performing MAGIC, and giving out FREE balloons, and Grandway Comics! Join the McFun!! I'm lovin' it! :) ... See MoreSee Less

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Big Magic Thanks to Calum & The Strange Adventures Team, for hosting Free Comic Book Day...and thanks to YOU for your support! The Magic of Reading continues all year at their stellar Strange Stores, where you can also still pick up the pulse-pounding pages of Mr. J's new Magic Comic! (Courtesy of Nova Scotia's glorious group at Grandway Comics!) With today also being Star Wars Day, it felt a like a Magical 'Double-Christmas' for hundreds of happy kids (and adults!) May the 4th Be With You!😀 ... See MoreSee Less

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Looking for some FREE fun for your kiddies? This Saturday is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! It all starts at 10:00am, on the Halifax Waterfront, beside the Maritime Museum. Feel FREE to dress as YOUR favourite super-hero, receive FREE Comics from Strange Adventures, plus enjoy Magic Entertainment from The Amazing Mr. J! PLUS, FREE balloon animals from Mr. J, and (NEW this year!), a FREE collectible copy of Mr. J's All-New Magic Comic, from Nova Scotia's exciting and dynamic new company, Grandway Comics! (But wait, there's MORE!) This year, in celebration of the new Avengers movie, you can have your picture taken wearing...a real Infinity Gauntlet! Why is it real? Because, Mr. J had it SIGNED by its original creators, comic legends George Perez, and Jim Starlin! (Didja know Jim Starlin actually did a cameo in the new movie, like Stan Lee always does?) Maybe you can even do some magic with it yourself! See you Saturday, Heroes! ... See MoreSee Less

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