Amazing Mr. J REVIEW: Rebekah Higgs, Canada’s DIY MOM! (Handy Woman/Entrepreneur/TV Personality)

Amazing Mr. J REVIEW: DAVE CARROLL (‘United Breaks Guitars’ singer, Award-Winning Musician/Speaker/Author)

Amazing Mr. J REVIEW: CAROLINE PARKER (Popular Halifax Radio Personality)

Amazing Mr. J REVIEW: Parents & Kids, from over 20 years of performing (Nationwide Since 1999!)



Amazing Mr. J’s THEME SONG! Plus, A Special Birthday message for your child, from CHARLIE A’COURT (Award-Winning Musician)

SCHOOLS! The Amazing Mr. J BILINGUAL Magic Show REVIEW- by the staff at Terry Fox School, Bathurst, NB:

CAMPGROUNDS! The Amazing Mr. J Magic Show REVIEWS from CAMPGROUNDS throughout Atlantic Canada!

Amazing Mr. J- Magic Card Trick: “If you feel LOVE’s not ‘IN THE CARDS’ for YOU, remember…CARDS can CHANGE!”

Amazing Mr. J- Magic with Cards & Cash:

Magic for ZZ TOP! “Give this Man a Big Hand!”- Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top Lead singer:
ZZ TOP, upon seeing their Magic Balloon tribute from the stage: “Give this Man a beer! Give him SIX! Let’s get him a DOZEN!”

Country FX 101.9 FM Radio, The Amazing Mr. J on “MJ’s HEROES!” with MJ Finnamore & Frankie Hollywood:

CBC RADIO: The Amazing Mr. J meets BIG BIRD & OSCAR the GROUCH (Caroll Spinney), with balloons and Magic for his retirement!

CBC TV: Can The Amazing Mr. J contact the Spirit of HOUDINI? Live Magic performance and Houdini Séance, Hallowe’en Night, atop Citadel Hill in Halifax!

BACK to The FUTURE MAGIC SHOW! Parkinson’s Fund-Raiser, in Honour of Michael J. Fox (Cat Country 99.5 Radio)

HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA: The Amazing Mr. J, ON STAGE, with Ron MacLean & Don Cherry!

Magic and tribute for Taw Connors, Son of STOMPIN’ TOM CONNORS!

MORE MAGIC FUN! (Tricks & skits for all ages, all occasions)

Fireside Magic:
Magician in the Kitchen:

Christmas Magic:
Happy New Year:
Happy Robbie Burns Day:
Happy Valentine’s Day:
Happy St. Patrick’s Day:
Happy Mother’s Day:
Mr. J & Mr. Meanie- Valentine’s Spirit:
Mr. J & Angus- Dinner Time:

Mr. J & Rudy the Rabbit:
Mr. J & Rudy the Rabbit- Happy Easter:
Mr. J & Rudy the Rabbit playing pinball:
Mr. J & Rudy the Rabbit at School:

Magic for kids, Pinball Wizard style:–Bzc
Magic, Music, & Oreo Cookies:
Magic Solution to the Rubik’s Cube:

Mr. J’s Comic Book REVIEW:
Mr. J’s Comic Book: Secret Reading Message, from G.I. Joe Legend Sgt. Slaughter!

The Amazing
   Mr. J ON

For you fine fashionistas!👔👒🎀🤵‍♀🤵‍♂ NEW Amazing Mr. J apparel, now available at fine Magic boutiques nationwide!!🤗🎩🪄❤️Actually these silks n' shirts (and other sartorial sensations...embroidered leather Mr. J jackets on the way!) are crafted by the magnificent, multi-talented Mina Roe, of ⭐️'Sewing, Quilting, and Embroidery by Mina'.⭐️ Mr. J cartoon logo by Grandway Comics. Award-winning, and amazing...right here in NS!🤗You can support local, and support YOUR OWN local business...have Mina put YOUR logo on your clothes!💡⚡️👍(Why pay big bucks to advertise a Nike Swoosh, for THEM ⁉️ when YOU can promote your own Magical business on your personage).🙏❤️PS- Sad to report😪, Mina was recently ROBBED while set up at her weekly table at Alderney Market!🫨 She created an award-winning embroidered 'Joker' hoodie...worth $300...gorgeous work...and some real-life Joker brazenly stole it.😡😫You can see it below...days and days of work to make...she's offering a reward for its return.💲 Please visit her Facebook page and share that story...let's right this wrong, and help out an honest, hard-working lady.💪❤️Let's find the missing Joker.🃏(So Batman/Batwoman if you're reading this...)🦹‍♀️🦹‍♂️ ... See MoreSee Less
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👍Happy MAGIC Valentine's, Friends!❤️🎩🥰Song: "I'll Provide the Love"🎵, by the amazingly talented ⭐️John Lindsay-Botten⭐️"Life is the Flower🌹, for which Love❤️ is the Honey."🍯 -Victor Hugo#Love #Magic #Music #Flower #Joy #Celebrate #Kindess #Valentines2024 ... See MoreSee Less
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Happy weekend, Friends!🤗You made it.⭐️ Get this‼️: Exactly 45 years ago today....Friday January 26th, 1979...The Dukes of Hazzard jumped onto our screens⚡️ Whether you tuned in for the hilarious hijinks🤪, crazy car chases🚘🚔🚗🚓, or (especially for the ladies) Bo Duke's boyish blonde locks🦸‍♂️...Friday nights were MAGIC.❤️🎩⭐️👍 #magic #memories #dukesofhazzard #goodoleboys #fridaynight #fun ... See MoreSee Less
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TWO (Mermaid balloon-requests)🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️ + TWO (Adorable girls' Magic Birthdays)🎂🎂 = TOO Much Fun!🤗❤️⭐️🎩👍These 'lil Angels even shared some jokes😅:Why are mermaids so smart? They swim in Schools.🏫🐟🎣Where did the Mermaid meet the fisherman? On Line.😋🎣Y'know, seeing happy, laughing kids is like the innocence of actually swimming with mermaids.🧜‍♀️😇 So treat Your imagination to a Magic dip. Life's a drag if it's "Long Time, No Sea." :P(‼️)😉🌊#DadJokes #Mermaids #Balloons #Magic #Birthdays #BirthdayEntertainment ... See MoreSee Less
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Positivity🤗 gives You POWER!⚡️♥️💪(Negativity just makes 'Noise'),😝😛So here's some Magic Birthday Pictures🎩🎂, of some Happy Girls & Boys!🥳❤️👍Hope these make You smile too.😃😇Wishing ⭐️YOU⭐️ the Joy of Life🙏, the shared gift of Silliness😋, and the personal path of seeing Magic everywhere.🥰🎩🪄👍 ... See MoreSee Less
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