Birthday Testimonials

Quotes 2018

“Thank you again for such a wonderful day. We had a few more kids show up than we expected, but thanks to you, it all went smoothly. Jackson will have some wonderful memories of his 6th Birthday. I can see why they call you The ‘Amazing’ Mr. J!”
-Gisele and Jason Follett, Halifax, NS (June 2018)

“I just wanted to take a minute and thank you again for your performance yesterday at Ryder’s birthday party. You were so adaptable to the situation which made it so much easier for the kids and myself. The kids absolutely loved the show. One of the kids told me this morning that for her 8th birthday her mom was going to have you come to perform. The kids were so captivated by the entire show. I really appreciate everything it was an amazing experience!”
-Alicia Brown, Mount Uniacke, NS (May 2018)

The kids really enjoyed The Amazing Mr. J’s show, and he kept them captivated and entertained the entire time! Joseph had an awesome day!”
-Cara MacMullen, Upper Tantallon, NS (May 2018)

“This was truly an amazing experience for the kids and parents as well. I loved how you made Michael feel extra special and got all the kids involved. Everyone had a blast. I’ll definitely recommend you to all of my friends and family for future parties and events. Take care, and thanks a million!!
-Jody Bellefontaine, Stellarton, NS (April 2018)

“You were magnificent .. I can’t believe how you kept 16 children entertained for that long!!
  Thank you again…we were both very impressed!!”
 -Janice McCurdy, Truro, NS (March 2018)

“Today was amazing! Thank you so much, David- the kids just loved it. Peyton was over the moon!!!
 -Nicole Manley, Upper Musquodoboit, NS (March 2018)

“Thank you so much for coming to Emma’s birthday…we have a fantastic time everyone enjoyed the show and was captivated and amazed…it was worth every penny and more…you do a wonderful job and you are very talented..keep up the awesome job entertaining no only children but adults too..looking forward to seeing you in the future!”
-Sally Mills, River Hebert, NS (March 2018)

“Thank you again for doing such a great show and making Matthew’s day so amazing! He, and all the kids, had such a great time and really enjoyed “Mr. J!” You were definitely the ‘Big Top’ event!”
-Jennet and Mike Bowdridge, Dartmouth, NS (March 2018)

“Thank you so very much!! Abby said it was “the best day ever!” and a few kids were quite sad when you left. It was a perfect show, and we so enjoyed it!! Thank you so, so much!!”
-Lyndsay & Chris Graham, Beaverbank, NS (February 2018)

“Such a wonderful time today! Avery is still walking on a magic cloud, and I have heard from several other parents who said that it has been such a great day that their children are even now still playing elaborate imaginative games about being Mister J, or their own Magic persona with their wands and hats. I have never seen Avery so comfortable in any performance type setting, and have to say that based on today’s confidence building show with you, she will likely be forever gracing stages with her brilliant smile, rather than worry. We couldn’t be happier. You’re a pleasure to deal with, and an awesome performer- thanks so much!!”
– Terra Michelle, Dartmouth NS (January 2018)

Quotes 2017

“Thank you so much for doing Tristan’s birthday party today !! You are a very patient, entertaining, talented man and you made his day a memory that will last a lifetime! I got some beautiful photos and enjoyed the show very much!! I’ll be saving your contact info, and I hope too see you again in June 🙂 ! Thank you so much!!”
– Amber Bauer, Springhill, NS (November 2017)

“Thanks again for coming to Paislee’s birthday party. It was perfect she’s still talking about it!”
– Sonya Laurie, Springhill, NS (November 2017)

“Mister J was AMAZING! So entertaining, and he kept all the kids engaged the entire time! Nathan loved it!”
– Tanya Lynn/Bernard, Cornwall, PEI (November 2017)

“A special shout out to The Amazing Mr. J for the most awesome magic show he did for all the kiddies! If you need some great entertainment at your party, we highly recommend Mr. J. The kids LOVED him!”
– Liz & Mike Huntley, Bridgewater, NS (November 2017)

“Thanks again…fantastic party, and you were great!”
-Craig Richardson, Halifax (August 2017)

“Thank you very much, Mr. J- Ashlin had an awesome time. I’d recommend you to anyone!”
– Patrick Forbes, PRESIDENT of FORBES KIA, Portland Estates, NS (June 2017)

“We can’t thank you enough for yesterday!! Bella is still talking about you and the tricks she liked Her invited friends said it was the best birthday ever…which made her very happy!”
– Patricia Habib, Springhill, NS (June 2017)

“Thank you so much for sharing Brooklyn and Jackson’s 6th birthday with us. You made this their best birthday EVER!”
– Lori & Rob Doucette, Enfield, NS (May 2017)

“Just wanted to thank you again for your amazing show today. All the kids loved it, and Anna had a very special day.”
– Becky Patterson Schmid, Glen Margaret, NS (April 2017)

“Just wanted to say thank you so much again for helping us celebrate Hunter’s 5th Birthday! You were everything and more than you said you would be. Kids and adults alike both loved the show! I really can’t thank you enough or say enough good things about you and the entire experience!”
– Ashley Imlay, Windsor, NS (April 2017)

“Just wanted to say again, thank you so much for tonight! You were absolutely amazing with the kids. All of the parents are raving about you, as are the children. Maggie is still not asleep, she was so excited to have been such a big part of the show. She has asked us if we can get you again when Anakin turns five, so I am sure you will hear of us again in the future! :)”
– Darian Huskilson (former Mayor of Lockeport) & Jennifer Huskilson, Lockeport, NS (March 2017)

“Thanks again for coming to Moncton for Kimberley’s birthday party.. she and all the kids and adults really enjoyed your show!”
– Kylie Ann Boudreau, Moncton, NB (March 2017)

“Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you! All the kids LOVED the show (and parent’s too) I have never seen Audrey so excited for anything in her life!!!!!! You are amazing at what you do!”
– Amy Crewe, Cole Harbour, NS (February 2017)

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for Cash’s party today! The kids had such an amazing magical time, I’ve gotten so many messages from the parents gushing about how much fun their child had. Thank you for bringing so much joy to them, you truly have a gift. Thanks so much!”
– Anne Marie West, Beaverbank, NS (January 2017)

“Thank you for making Quinn’s birthday an extra special day! She still talks about it!”
– Connie & Greg Stewart, Enfield, NS (January 2017)

Quotes 2016

“Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon! You were a hit! When I was putting Jack to bed you were all he could talk about! Thanks for such a wonderful experience!!”
– Carolyn (& Keith) MacNutt, Halifax, NS (October 2016)

“Hey David, Thanks so much for making Kade’s birthday as incredible as it was. He thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the show, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile or laugh so much in his entire life. I’ve given it some thought, and I really don’t think we could have given him a better birthday. You really made his day special. I’d also like to point out that you really have a way with kids. It takes special skill to keep a group of 3-5 year-olds focused for an entire hour! Many thanks, and all the best.”
– Jake Jollimore, Bedford, NS (August 2016)

“Thank you so very much for your amazing show! We’re particularly grateful since, owing to the unexpected rain, we had to move the party inside and, if it wasn’t for your show, the house would have been pulled apart with that large number of kids. You truly are fantastic!”
– Bonnie-Jeanne MacDonald & Ahmad Hussein, Purcell’s Cove, NS (Eid Community Party, celebrating the end Ramadan, July 2016)

“David, thank you so much for making today so absolutely wonderful and memorable for Ethan! He was still talking about it when I was tucking him into bed tonight. What a fantastic show! Everyone who was there also commented on how wonderful the show was. You are so good with the kids and great at what you do. You definitely have some new little fans in Pictou County!”
– Stephanie Watson, Lyons Brook, NS (June 2016)

“Hi David, I just wanted to send you another ‘Thank you’. They kids loved the show, as did Tim and I. Marion was made to feel very special. We will keep you in mind for Hudson’s birthdays in future…and I’m sure Marion would love to have you again as well.
– Christa and Tim Bragg, Fall River (April 2016)

“I just wanted to reach out quickly to thank you again for the great performance on Bram’s birthday party today. I’ve heard nothing but very positive reactions from both kids and parents (everyone had a GREAT time). I love the energy level and dedication you put into the performance. Worth every penny! I’ve shared some pictures and a quick video clip with family in Belgium, so don’t be too surprised if you get a booking request from abroad soon!”
– Christophe & Marike Dieriex, Dartmouth (April 2016)

“Thank you for giving Luke an unforgettable 6th birthday party. Everyone who was there agreed that you are such a natural entertainer for ALL ages.”
– Nancy Sulis, Debert, NS (April 2016)

“Many thanks to you David for delivering such a fabulous show for Luke and his friends yesterday! We all enjoyed it so much! You are incredibly talented and have such an amazing way of interacting with the kids. It was wonderful to see all the smiles and laughter. You had their full attention the whole time and they enjoyed every second of it! Luke said it was the perfect birthday.”
– Leigh McKeigan, Debert, NS (April 2016)

“Hi David, I wanted to thank you again for being so great with the kids today. I am more than happy with how the day went! So glad you were able to make it and we made the decision to have a magic show. I’ve never seen so many kids at a birthday be so involved and happy! Thank you again!”
– Anne Jefferson, New Glasgow, NS (Feb. 2016)

Quotes 2015

“Phoenix had a blast at his 7th birthday show- you are definitely recommended, Mr. J!”
– Lindsay Willow, Principal, New Ross Consolidated School, New Ross, NS (December 2015)

“Thank you for the magic show for Archer…his face lit up like Christmas lights!”
– Tina Hamilton & Marcus Noseworthy, Dartmouth, NS (December 2015)

“We needed something really AWESOME for Jakob’s birthday- YOU WERE IT! Thank you, Mr. J!”
– Angela Smith, Cole Harbour, NS (August 2015)

“Thanks for making our twins Jack and Austin’s 6th birthday one to remember! You’re easily worth twice the price!”
– Danita & Danny Imlay, Boylston, NS (July 2015)

“I just wanted to say the kids loved your show & we really enjoyed seeing it also! You did a great job entertaining everyone! They are still all chatting about what a great time they had at the party!”
– Jeni Dalrymple, Lantz, NS (June 2015)

“WOW! That’s all I really can say! Thank you for such an amazing show. You are a true talent, and a ton of fun. Thanks again, from a very satisfied customer!” -Sabrina & Omer Sabic, Enfield, NS (May 2015)

“Thanks so much- we have never laughed so hard in our lives! Highly recommend you to anyone looking for a magician!”
– Lisa-Andrew Marsh, Musquodoboit Harbour, NS (March 2015)

“Once again I am blown away by your positive, caring and easygoing personality and your remarkable talent. People tell me I’m crazy to have these big birthday parties until they come and see the “trick” I have up my sleeve! I know you might not necessarily feel this way but I must tell you that all my stress and panic just disappears when you walk through the door. The children’s parents couldn’t believe that someone like you exists. Thank you so much for everything that you did for my family today. We can’t wait to see you again and have you back for another birthday!”
– Candice Hill, Musquodoboit Harbour, NS (March 2015)

“Thanks so much for Merrick’s awesome birthday party last weekend! I’ll certainly spread the word about your show- all the kids and parents loved it!”
– Kim Currie, Lantz NS (February 2015)

“Worth every penny! Sam had a blast!”
– Julie & Ted, Clayton Park West, NS (February 2015)

Quotes 2014

“Thank you for the magic show for Aurora- she was so delighted! You are an amazing, creative, compassionate person and performer. I know you are loved by so many people, and so many have been touched by your kindness, your humour, your generosity, and your magic. By magic, I don’t mean the illusions and tricks, though I know you have entertained thousands over the years. I mean that special something you bring to a room just by being you. You can’t learn or practise it- it’s just a gift some people have. We’re lucky to have seen you perform, so thank you for everything. Oh, and for your silliness and exuberance, too!”
– Tara Wittchen and Jon Hutt, Truro, NS (December 2014)

“Every time I book you, it’s certainly been for your talent and skill, but also because you encourage and bring out the best in others. I can still see the looks of joy and wonder and on my children’s faces, and recall the confidence you helped build in them. Thank you, Mr. J!”
– Glen & Linda Rankin, Truro, NS (October 2014)

“Just wanted to day that my husband and I were so pleased with the party you did for Hannah. All the kids were talking about it for days after (from what the parents told me). It was so nice to be able to mingle with the other parents and just worry about the little things while you did your show. Hannah had a blast and absolutely loved it. You are amazing at what you do, and what a joy it must be to bring smiles and happiness to the children. God Bless you, and thank you so much again!”
– Rebecca & Kevin Packwood, Halifax NS (September 2014)

“Thanks Mr. J for the awesome, amazing and perfect magic show for our son Sully. We all hand such a fun time, the kids laughed more then they ever have. Keep up the good work, you really are a talent.”
– Emily Dempsey & J. LaPointe, Mineville NS (July 2014)

“Mister J was the perfect birthday party gift, for my daughter’s 7th…he kept a dozen of her friends magically enthralled for his entire show, and made the birthday girl feel the spotlight was on her too. Quite a feat but he did it, beautifully. Well done!”
– Jo Napier, Halifax NS (June 2014)

“Mister J. All I can say is WOW…That show was awesome, the kids loved it and the parents we’re blown away, you are simply amazing…..THANK YOU!!!
We could use a lot more people like yourself- your energy, and manner with the children is awesome….the parents were all so impressed.”
– Kelly Newell, Canso NS (June 2014)

“Thank you so much again David for a fantastic show at Emily’s birthday party today.
The way you maintain your energy, interact with the children and thoroughly captivate them throughout your show really is magic on so many levels! As a Mum and now a host for two of your shows, I assure you that your professionalism and skill are very much appreciated! Warmest regards.”
– Amanda Thornton, Hubley NS (June 2014)

“Thanks again for a great show this weekend David! The kids LOVED it!” -Anna Hounsell, Halifax NS (May 2014)

“Thank you so much for coming today you were great. I know you made his day amazing, he gave me a big hug and said “Mommy it was the BEST birthday EVER!” It really melted my heart. I am sure we will be seeing you sooner rather then later. I will highly recommend your services to anyone looking for entertainment for Children as well as Adults. Thanks again.”
– Sheleen Murphy, Portland Estates NS (May 2014)

“Thank you for an amazing birthday party!! The kids and adults loved every second. We had a blast and it will definitely be a birthday to remember for a long time!” 🙂
– Kristina and Jason Cornell, Riverview, New Brunswick (April 2014)

“Excellent show, Mr. J! Everyone had a blast. Thank you for making Flynn’s birthday special!”
– ECMA winner DAVE CARROLL & JILL (from band ‘Sons of Maxwell’ and ‘United Breaks Guitars’ YouTube video fame), Waverley, NS (March 2014)

“Hi David, I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thanks so much for a great show that you put on for Rebecca’s party. She was so happy that she had decided to get you. She said it was the best birthday party ever. 🙂 The kids are still talking about how much fun they had. Even the parents are saying what a great time their kids had. So I just wanted to share that with you and say thanks again. Job well done!! I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who asks. 🙂 Take care and best regards”.
– Lori Comeau, Halifax (March 2014)

“Thank you SO much! Your show was delightful!!”
– Nancy Jay, New Glasgow (March 2014)

“Thank you again, Mister J (David)- you did an amazing job at our kids birthday party today. Sydney and Austin had a great time as well as their friends. You are really good at what you do, and I have recommended you to all my clients Thanks again and will definitely book you in the future.”
– Jennifer Smees, Hopewell, NS (March 2014)

“Wow…what an amazing show at the Joggins Fossil Centre today…would certainly recommend you …just watching the kids faces told it all…thank you Mister J!”
– Louanne Berry, Joggins Fossil Centre Show (March 2014)

“Hello David, Just wanted to thank you once again for being a part of Adelle’s big day yesterday. Your show was fantastic! The kids will be talking about it for ages! The parents were all very impressed as well! Thanks for taking the time to be here!”
– Shelley Joseska, Quispamsis, New Brunswick (January 2014)

Quotes 2013

“Dear David, We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful show you have done for Mateo’s birthday. He was so excited! and said “thank you, thank you, thank you mommy” for days. All the other parents have also told me how much fun their children had. Great show! Thank you so much!”
– Edward and Carime Mathenge-Parquet, Halifax (November 2013)

“WOW, Abracadabra !!!
Thank you so much Mister J, for your performance today, and making Brody’s 5th Birthday one that we will always remember…..Every child was ear to ear smiles and i heard many say this is the best party ever…….you are an incredible entertainer who truly loves his job…..I had many compliments and inquires as to how I found you !! You were amazing and helped us make a never ending memory for our boy ! ! ! ! Thank you Thank you Thank you !”
– Jen LeBrun, Porter’s Lake, NS (November 2013)

“Thanks to The Amazing Mister J- you did an amazing job and everyone loved you! I would highly recommend him for anyone planning a kids birthday party or even an adult party…I’ve now seen him at both types of parties and both age groups loved him. I heard different parents today saying they’re going to book him so I’m sure I’ll get to see him again soon. Great job David, you should be very proud!”
– Jenn Verge, Hammonds Plains (November 2013)

“Mister J has the ability to connect with his audience better and faster than any performer I’ve ever seen. Our daughter and her friends howled for an hour straight.”
– JONATHAN TORRENS, Canadian TV icon (November 2013)

“Thank you to Mr J for making Landon’s Birthday so much fun!!! If you are looking for an AWESOME fun thing to do at your child’s next Birthday Party I highly recommend “The Amazing Mr J!!!” The Kids LOVED it!!!”
– Liz & Mike Huntley, Kentville, NS (November 2013)

“David, THANK YOU! My son and all the kids loved and enjoyed your magic show very much. Thank you for coming.”
– Beatriz Ortega, Quispamsis, New Brunswick (November 2013)

“We will remember your show for a very long was amazing!! My girls are still talking about it. …even my older ones!! Thanks so much we are looking forward to seeing you again”.Smiling face with smiling eyes
– Mary Ann Oakey, Spryfield, NS (October 2013)

“Thanks again so much. Abigail and all the kids has the best time! I cant believe you were able to keep their attention the whole time. You are certainly great at what you do!”
– Jennifer Woodlock, Dartmouth (August 2013)

“I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful show today at Asia’s fifth bday.

I was the ‘only’ parent on the floor with my ‘nervous/shy’ daughter (only in public – she doesn’t stop chatting at home) and you were so inclusive. You spoke to her and let her hold your magic wand from her spot on the floor and she had the time of her life! She has been talking about the silly Mr J aka Mr Meatball all day and night. She loved the talking drawing I too, had so much fun and laughed like I haven’t in a long time.

You are a very talented person who has a wonderful way with children and adults alike. Best of luck on Dragons Den! They would be silly not to choose to help you. You are so passionate and professional and so MUCH FUN! Great crowd control – I could go on and on . But I was so touched that you were able to remember names and include all of the children.

Awesome job! Keep up the Fantastic work!”
– Jill Gallant, Eastern Passage (March 2013)

“Thank you Mr. J for making Cassidy and Mataya’s birthday perfect! You are fabulous! I would highly recommend your magic show to all!”
– Angela Sangster, Amherst (February 2013)

Quotes 2012

“A huge thank you for the amazing party! Rave reviews from everyone, kids and parents alike! The kids had a blast and we did too. We can’t thank you enough for being so kind to the kids and for making Emma and Sarah feel really special. This one will be talked about for quite some time!
– Janet and James Lundrigan, New Glasgow (May 2012)

“Just wanted to send a little note of thanks for the great show on Sunday. The kids are still talking about it! It was great to see all the children watching in amazement of what you were doing. I was impressed at how well behaved the kids were, under your direction, and can honestly say it was the most “tame” kids party I’ve seen in awhile. The adults were quite in awe, as well.

So thanks again for making the boys birthday extra special, or should I say “magical.” 🙂
I’ll be sure to spread the word to other parents!!”
– Marci Harlow, Upper Tantallon (April 2012)

“Thanks for making Lauchlin’s birthday very magical!”
– Lynn Landry, Antigonish (January 2012)

Quotes 2011

“Thank you so much again- Leah thoroughly enjoyed your show. You were wonderful!”
– Brenda and Steve Oake, Lower Sackville (August 2011)

“Thanks again for your wonderful show- it was probably the best children’s birthday party I ever attended, and believe me, I have been to a lot over the years. You are truly magical!”
– Charlene Murray, Halifax (June 2011)

“I just wanted to send you a little note to let you know just how much we all (kids and adults alike) enjoyed your show yesterday. I keep receiving notes from the parents saying that their kids had such a great time, and the kids haven’t stopped talking about it! In my house, every sentence out of the boys’ mouths starts with, “when Mister J….”. And what a great job you did of reeling in the kids when they were so excited (even the most challenging :-)… I bow to you! Money VERY well spent, and the BEST birthday party EVER!!! (I really don’t think I will be able to top this one next year! Thanks again, and I know we’ll be seeing you again!”
– Heather Thomson of Rocklin Parties, Rocklin NS (June 2011)

“I want to sincerely thank you for such a memorable and enjoyable show for Lyla’s birthday party this past Sunday. Lyla, Owen and all of the other kids were absolutely enthralled and delighted – the looks on their faces, their reactions to you – were absolutely priceless. We will cherish the memories from that day forever.

We were impressed by your connection with the kids, creativity of the show, ability to adapt to the age group and incredible professionalism from initial contact through to finish. An absolute pleasure. We were just thrilled with the result. Thank you again!”
– Julie Tompa (Project Manager, Sable Island) Halifax (June 2011)

“Thanks David! All of the kids (and adults) enjoyed your show very much yesterday! After you left, everyone kept exclaiming on your talent and your amazing way with kids. You have a true gift and spread so much joy to so many people…I admire you and thank you for that! You can most definitely use whatever pictures you like from my album for your facebook page! I would love that. Zander had such an amazing time, you had his full attention and he hung onto your every word! Thank you again for helping make his 5th birthday extra special.”
– Leigh McKeigan, Truro (May 2011)

“Thank you for an incredible bday party for Patricia. She was absolutely absolutely amazed. All the adults were very impressed and well entertained as well. Wow! What a great idea you had to market your skills. Thank you again for an incredible, unforgettable afternoon! Now Matteo, the little monkey tells me he wants no toys for his bday, he just wants like Patricia, Mister J The Magician… I have a feeling that we are going to see a lot of you in the next few years!!!!!”
– Véronique Tagliapietra, Dartmouth/Port Wallace (March 2011)

“Becky’s 9th birthday party went off with a band. All the kids enjoyed themselves every much and most of all so did Becky. We have thrown her a birthday party every year and told her this year will most likely be her last until her sweet 16 and she could have and do what ever she wanted. Well long story short … she said she wanted you to do her birthday. This will be one birthday Becky will never forget for the rest of her life and you made that possible. You were also a great hit with the adults. My parents will talk about it for some time. My wife had to pick them up in the valley before the show and I took them home after the show. They have never experienced anything like your show before and mom talked about it all the way home. Here are some photos that you can use for your website if you wish. Great job and we will tell everyone we know about The Amazing Mister J.”
– Mark, April and Becky Pelton, Shearwater (February 2011)

“You are like giving a kid ‘Disneyland’ for their birthday.”
– Lorna Kirk, Halifax (February 2011)

“You have a huge fan in our house after seeing you on New Years Eve! Zander talks about “Mister J” all the time and keeps saying “Remember when Mister J said ……” and then he laughs and laughs – he thought you were hilarious!! He is VERY excited about you coming for his birthday party in May and keeps asking me everyday “How many more sleeps until my birthday”? and “Mister J will be there right?” Just thought I’d share that with you! And BTW, my husband and I really enjoyed your show too – that was the first time I had seen you at a show – fantastic!!”
– Leigh McKeigan, Truro (January 2011)

“I wanted to say a huge thank you for the excellent entertainment at my son’s birthday party yesterday. I could not imagine how you were going to keep the full attention of 24 kids from 3 to 6 for 75 minutes and I will admit that I was somewhat skeptical…..not only did you do this, but you also captured the attention of all of the adults as well!!! You were incredible, and the children will never forget your show. I had comments from many parents, and my children are still talking about you non stop this morning! I will definitely have you back again, and please feel free to post this on your testimonial site, it would be my pleasure to help promote your show.”
– Dr. Lesley Steele, Cow Bay NS (January 2011)

Quotes 2010

“I’ve never heard kids laugh so hard in my entire life!!”
– Diane, at a party for Kristine Scott’s daughter, Halifax (September 2010)

“We are SO THRILLED with the magic show you gave today at Adam’s birthday! You made the party truly wonderful for both the kids and the adults. And we couldn’t be happier with how easy it all was… it’s hard to believe, but oh-so-true, that Mr. J makes throwing a kid’s birthday party practically stress-free and work-free! It’s like magic. We would highly recommend Mr. J. to parents everywhere.Thanks a magic million! PS – Here is the post-party conversation with Adam: ‘Did you have a great party?’ ‘Yeah, especially the part when Mr. J was here!'”
– Laura and James Clarke, Halifax (September 2010)

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you again for Roughan’s wonderful birthday party! I was a little hesitant about hosting a birthday party at home but thanks to your wonderful entertainment it proved to be the EASIEST party we have ever done! Best of all Roughan LOVED every second of it! Thanks again!”
– Liana Gaetz, Porter’s Lake (April 2010)

“I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for putting on a great show for Brady’s 6th birthday. You have a great talent and energy and I was amazed at how easily you were able to draw the children into the performance. I was most impressed by how you referred to all the children by name from very early on in the show. Well done! When one of the parents was leaving with their son, I overheard him tell his mother ‘You should have seen the magic show mom, it was so much fun!’ I guess that says it all. For any parent considering Mister J’s Magic as a birthday party option, I can honestly say that it by far surpasses the other options out there for kids entertainment. The laughs and giggles from the children make it worth every last penny! Thanks again!”
– Bev Jones, Eastern Passage (April 2010)

Quotes 2009

“Everyone, kids and adults alike, talked about the great show you did. The kids had a wonderful time and Sophey was thrilled!”
– Rob and Kim, Chester Basin (May 2009)

“Many compliments on your show for Leisa’s party- it was AWESOME and all the kids and grown-ups enjoyed themselves immensely!”
– Jennifer Briggs, Lawrencetown (May 2009)

“All of the kids were so happy and they talked about you all week! You are worth every penny!”
– Heather Clarke-Murrans, Bedford (March 2009)

“We were extremely pleased with your performance at Karli’s birthday! The kids haven’t stopped talking about all of the tricks, and ‘us big kids’ were just as enthralled. I guess they call it ‘magic’ for a reason. Your business cards went like hot cakes and I have received many calls thanking me for a great party!”
– Denise Vickers, Halifax (March 2009)

Quotes 2008

“Thank you so much, it was wonderful. Alexander thoroughly enjoyed himself. He’ll remember this for a very long time.”
– Jason and Serena Forsythe, Enfield (February 2009)

“You personalized the show for the birthday girl, and gave everyone a chance to get involved. You were awesome!”
– Lynne Morrison, Bedford (December 2008)

“Excellent job, I was very impressed. All my daughter’s friends came running up at school to thank me for having you at Gabby’s party!”
– Danielle McLeod, Dartmouth (November 2008)

“Bryn told me that she had the BEST birthday ever!! Thanks so much, you were AWESOME.”
– Joan Rankin, Hilden (November 2008)

“I’m amazed once again this year how you keep such a large group under control for so long. Now that’s magic!”
– Christine and Larry Lear, Hatchet Lake (October 2008)

“Just a little note to say thank you and to let you know what a wonderful job you did. Since Brett’s birthday, I’ve received numerous calls about your show. The children and the parents enjoyed it very much. Brett is still talking about the bird, and “Elvis”. Keep up the good work…you should be very proud of the work you do.”
– Julie and Brian Thibeau, Timberlea (October 2008)

“That was the easiest party I’ve ever done!”
– Nichole Graham, Brookfield (August 2008)

“Thank you so much for a fantastic show. Evan had a really fun time; he was into the whole performance. I was just looking at the video we took, and the laughter and giggles from Evan and the other children will be memories I’ll always cherish.”
– Krista L. Roper, Middle Sackville (August 2008)

“We’ve had Mr. J two years in a row…he’s like part of the family!”
– Andrew and Louise Blackie, Chester Basin (May 2008)

“Zoe’s face lit right up when I told her you were coming to her birthday. Your show was hands-down the most exciting thing Zoe has ever seen!”
– Dustin LindenSmith, Dartmouth (May 2008)

“Thanks, Mr. J, for such a wonderful birthday party for my daughter!! Everyone had so much fun, and can’t wait to have you back again next year.”
– Leanne and Dave Hepburn, Debert (March 2008)

“I just wanted to thank you once again for putting on such a wonderful show! Katie and Ella and the rest of the party loved it!! You are really good at your job. I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated how professional you were- we will definitely recommend you to everyone. Thanks a million- I’m sure Katie and Ella will remember this special day for a long time.”
– Janine Verge, Dartmouth (March 2008)

“Thanks for making Emma’s birthday so very special. She now thinks she holds lots of magical powers!!! The day was a huge success. You are truly a special person with a very special gift. Thanks again.”
– Helen Whittaker, Stewiacke (February 2008)

Quotes 2007

“Awesome, as always…thank you SO much!”
– Tracy Deal, Elmsdale (December 2007)

“Thank you for making my grandson’s birthday a day he’ll always remember. He hasn’t stopped talking and probably will for weeks to come.”
– Ida Rundle, Truro (September 2007)

“I love your magic shows and maybe I will ask you to come to my birthday party. You are the best magician in the world.”
– Junelle H, 8 years old (July 2007)

“A birthday just isn’t a birthday without Mr. J! Thanks again… my daughter loves your shows, and this is her 5th time seeing you!”
– Sienna Gale, East Preston (June 2007)

“You are wonderful…thank you; I will be calling to book you again.”
– Deanna and Burt Page, Bedford (May 2007)

“I have never heard the kids so happy and excited, you made their party extremely special, and one they will never forget.”
– Rockey and Sonia Mason, Upper Stewiacke (March 2007)

“All the kids loved you ,and have been talking about the show nonstop since!”
– Heather and Derek Murrans, Bedford (February 2007)

Quotes 2006

“Thanks again for the FABULOUS time yesterday. The kids all had a ‘BLAST’ and a ‘GREAT’ time according to the parents. Tyler was THRILLED … his face is certainly lit up in the pictures, more than I have ever seen! He kept saying ‘I cant believe you invited him to my party, Mom!’ It was a great surprise. He is talking about it constantly, and told his uncle on the phone that ‘a dove was on his finger’ ‘the picture said happy birthday to me’ ‘something went in the roof HA HA’ etc etc. I really appreciated the great show you did! Thanks so much for everything!”
– Stephanie Peskett, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (September 2006)

“The most fun Sean’s ever had! Highly recommended! Thanks, Mr. J!”
– Dr. Murdo Ferguson and Dr. Linda Ferguson, Nova Scotia (July 2006)

“Emily has not stopped talking about your magic show! And we got some great pictures, too. You handled that whole crowd of kids like magic!”
– Sarah and Brian Dennis, Hockeyville, (Salmon River), Nova Scotia (July 2006)

Quotes 2004

“Thank you for playing such a big part on Jeffrey’s 8th Birthday. He’s probably your biggest fan over the years and was so glad to finally have you for his own magic party. Thanks for living up to all his expectations and more.”
– Mrs. Dolly Isenor, Truro, NS. (June 2004)

Quotes 2003

“Thank you for the show, Dave! It will be a birthday Sophia will never forget! Many, many thanks.”
– Mrs. Belinda Meers, Bible Hill. (March 2003)

Quotes 2000

“Thank you! Your show was wonderful. You certainly made Scott’s birthday a memorable one.”
– Mrs. Shelly Smith, North River, NS. (May 2000)

The Amazing
   Mr. J ON

Can you describe Heaven in two words?🤔❓️How about 'Cape Breton!'😇🤗Performed all over ❤️The Island❤️ this week, including:-A show for Adults, on a beautiful North Sydney back deck, celebrating the 75th Birthday of beloved CBC RadioJim White Jim White⭐️, -A 50th Anniversary all-ages stage show🎩🪄 celebrating the wonderful close knit community of Glencoe Station (near Judique and Port Hood),-plus some kids birthdays🥳🎂, impromptu tricks for folks at Sydney's Mayflower Mall, and more!But here's the thing!❗️ The Bonus Magic was exploring Nature🌲, and being able to read some amazing books📚 in the great outdoors.🌞☀️🌤🌿Nature time. Books. Making new Friends. May You also make these Magical blessings ⭐️YOURS.⭐️As You know, whatever you feed Your Soul, You harvest wit#magic #birthdays#anniversariesh#naturen#booksa#specialtimes##capebretonialTimes #CapeBreton ... See MoreSee Less
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Happy Birthday CANADA!!🇨🇦🫡🥳👍 And enjoy YOUR day, Friends!⭐️ From coast-to-coast, here's to the MAGIC of our great country.🎩🪄❤️⭐️👍👍 ... See MoreSee Less
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Magic Friends!🤗🎩🪄 Meet ⭐️Margo.⭐️ Performed at her Nursing Home back in 2023, and WOW!👀❗️ She amazingly remembered every bit of that show, and all the specifics of our conversation, during today's return performance in 2024.😮😃❤️Good thing it was all new tricks✨️(though with some duplicated corny jokes).😋Today's takeways:1) Our seniors are true treasures🪙, with Magical memories👏, and2) You never know the long-term impression you can have on people.🙏May YOU personally continue to know that YOUR random acts of kindness create Magic that lives forever.❤️👍 ... See MoreSee Less
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Magic Friends!🎩🪄❤️ You know WHY Mr. J LOVES performing in Cape Breton?🤔❓️1) Amazing people⭐️, and2) It's Cape Breton!🤗🌲🌿❤️❗️Big thanks to David and Kirsten DeJong (birthday show, for their daughter, at Millville community centre), plus Leah MacLeod and the Cabot Fire Auxiliary Team in Cape North (fund-raiser event for the Volunteer Fire Dept).⭐️All first-class folks!👍Summer's here, so hope YOU personally also get to experience the Magic of Cape Breton.☀️"Your Heart will never leave."❤️ ... See MoreSee Less
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